Club Penguin Magazine Issue 10 Sneak Peek

It’s just past midnight in the United Kingdom, meaning issue 10 of Club Penguin’s magazine is now for sale! However, most shops that sell it are likely closed to here is a sneak peek in the meantime.

Eek – Issue 10 of Club Penguin Magazine is frightfully full of fun! This Halloween special edition features screams and squeals aplenty, including a Horribly Haunted Mansion comic strip, a cut-out Frankenstein mask, ghostly tales from Captain Rockhopper, and more puzzles and games than you can shake a magic wand at! Plus probably the coolest unique item ever – a glowing neon skeleteon hoodie! Don’t miss out on the fun – waddle down to your nearest haunted newsagent or spooky supermarket today!

Here is a sample page from it, showing you how to draw Puffles:

This is the packaging the magazine comes in: (Thanks, Ducky908!)

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