Club Penguin Games

You can play games on Club Penguin to earn coins, which are used to buy items such as clothing and furniture for your penguin. Select which game you would like to see below. You can earn over 100 stamps from the games on Club Penguin, plus another 22 from missions.

Aqua Grabber

Astro Barrier

Bean Counters

Bits & Bolts

Burnt Out Bulbs (Removed from Club Penguin on June 14th, 2012)


Card-Jitsu Fire

Card-Jitsu Water

Card-Jitsu Snow

Cart Surfer

Catchin’ Waves

Dance Contest

Dino Dig (Temporary game)


Fall Fair Games (Temporary games)

Find Four

Hydro Hopper

Ice Fishing

Jetpack Adventure

Lime Green Dojo Clean (Removed from Club Penguin on June 14th, 2012)


Marvel Superhero Takeover Games (Temporary games)

My Puffle (Removed from Club Penguin on June 14th, 2012)

Pizzatron 3000


Puffle Launch

Puffle Rescue

Puffle Roundup

Sled Racing

Smoothie Smash

Spy Drills

System Defender

Thin Ice

Treasure Hunt

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  1. I just noticed (dont know why i hadn’t before) that Dino Dig is just like Treasure Hunt but prehistoric.

  2. Remember there are rumors of a game Club Penguin is making called”Winter bow and arrow” And place it in the forest (Because it has no games) and you can play extreme,beginner,hard and get stamps and some features of it *Membership*

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