Club Penguin Memories Weekly Post Roundup – Week 32 Of 2012 (opinions needed, please vote in the polls in this post)

Here is this week’s post roundup and news:


  • Please be sure to vote in the polls below!!!
  • I am currently at the beach until Saturday so I apologise that this post is a day late. (almost two!)
  • All pages are up to date. I am continuing to add outfit suggestions to the header image so if you’ve got any, be sure to comment with them and I will make them soon. More On This Day In Club Penguin History posts too. Small site bugs that I hope to fix soon are a navbar bug and homepage bug.
  • In another week or so I’ll be launching a little something, maybe even two things. ;)
  • I’m always open to suggestion – how can I improve Club Penguin Memories? What should I add? Remove? Is there anything I should post that I don’t, or anything I shouldn’t post that I do? Let me know.

Okay, two polls. The first has to do with the hit counter in the sidebar. Do you like to see how many total hits this website + the original Club Penguin Memories + Club Penguin Bugs have, or can I remove it? (I can still view site stats in my administration panel and would report the stats from time to time when cool numbers are reached)

So vote – shall I remove that hit counter from the sidebar or remove it?

Should I remove the hit counter from the sidebar?

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The second poll is with the post and page rating you may have noticed disappear last week. When moving this website to a new host something happened in which the plugin I have to display the stars to rate posts and pages messed up my administration panel. Disabling fixed the issue, but I want to know what you think I should do. Should I no longer have the ratings, try to fix it and keep all the past vote ratings, or lose all past ratings/votes and just start that all over again?

What should I do with post and page rating?

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