Club Penguin Video Blog: Meet Cadence, Rocky, and CeCe Online + Another Video (OVER!)

Club Penguin has published a new video blog! Once again it features Lauren, who we’ve seen in several video blogs now. (funny story, my mom walked in when I was watching this new video and asked who that was, so I said “A Club Penguin employee” and my mom thought I was video chatting with her…)

Anyway, with the Ultimate Jam Party being over Club Penguin has announced another location meetup to meet the three mascots one final time before they leave. The details are:

  • DATE: Wednesday, August 1st
  • SERVER: Ice Cold
  • TIME: 4 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time, 4 PM British Summer Time, and 4 PM Penguin Standard Time

If you need a time zone conversion I recommend emailing Club Penguin.

In addition, the new Disney Game On commercial has been uploaded. It features Bella and Zendaya (Rocky and CeCe) and a Club Penguin employee talking about the party.

85 thoughts on “Club Penguin Video Blog: Meet Cadence, Rocky, and CeCe Online + Another Video (OVER!)

  1. I’m gonna get there extra early because I haven’t met Rocky and CeCe yet. I can’t wait :D :D Oh, she said that it might be the last time.. so does that mean this year or forever.. or do you know?

    • I think it is at the Epic Show Stadium and Back Stage and Cove And Snow Forts and Mine Shack and Forest. i will be there early so i dont miss them but i dont know where for sure i need to know trainman plz try to help me here i know you busy with other things but plz try to help us out ;) :)

  2. Trainman,Do you need any Editors? I can help with comments when your away make posts ect What do you think?

  3. When she said ‘I always thought my girl would make it to the top’ that could hint she sang The Party Starts Now!

  4. in the second video i think see sang the party starts now because she said i always thought my girl would make it to the top.

  5. it dosent have to do with themeetup because ive aredy met all three, but i nowticed that the dj penguin in the botom right cornor in when u log in has a unreleased item, the hair and hedphones! there was a simaler idem in last years puffle party, but the hair didnt stick up likt that!do u have any clue? cuz i dont.

  6. Trainman look close at the new club penguin vid In the background when it first starts on the TV screen it shows The dance Off from Club penguin game Day do you think cp might make another game like dance contest were you can challange Cadence? I would love that since i keep e-mailing them the idea i hope they use it!

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