Unreleased Item Images (Part 3 of 3)

Here is part 3, of furniture and igloos. These are more Innocent Smoothie Unlockable Items.

Banana Bunch Lamp:

Banana Couch:

Fruit Vine:

Pineapple Table:

Refreshing Curtain:

Smoothie Stand:

Sour Apple Chair:

Strawberry Seat:

Tropical Hammock:

Watermelon Sofa:

Pineapple Igloo: (unlocked after you unlock a certain amount of items) (special thanks to @Dorian1453 and @Safej16backup)

I would also like Azerty15 for some help with this.

21 thoughts on “Unreleased Item Images (Part 3 of 3)

  1. But I cant because all the costumes are watermarked? Can you email me the normal image and I will leave credit? -Thanks!

  2. you have unlock 24 codes from the smoothies for that igloo train and do you want to meet up on cp on rocky road at 11am penguin standard time.

  3. I hope those items are for nonmembers because i want all the items and they are so epic that i got to get the innocent smoothies to get all the codes for the furnitures and the pineapple igloo.

  4. Again, ONLY FOR PEOPLE IN EUROPE >:O At least I can order the magazine online (which I do, for 10$) but THIS IS REAL FOOD!!!! Unless the codes are sharable (which I dont believe they are) I either call my cousins in Portugal, or I go to England MYSELF. Train, you really got to put a post about this UK only stuff. You realize CP reads this blog (obviously why they took the names about clothing down) so take ADVANTAGE OF IT. Sorry for the caps and long post, but CP is REALLY getting on my nerves.

  5. Odd that they are only available in UK and Ireland when CP HQ is in Canada. Also unfair that members pay money to get clothes and furniture, only to find out that you can’t get these things anyway.

  6. Trainman here’s a bit of trivia for the fruit party. 1. The kiwi costume is ugly. 2. The rasberry costume is the grape costume but pink/purple 3. There will also be a cherry shirt (incase you didn’t put it). 4. All the costumes are the same size. http://prntscr.com/daf0j (kiwi costume)

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