Club Penguin UK News Email – July 2012

Club Penguin has recently sent out their second special UK news email to select penguins. I don’t know how Club Penguin figures out who to send it to, as not everyone gets it, but here is the newsletter. It talks about recently launched United Kingdom Club Penguin products. Such products are the Mini-Figure Foil Bags, new magazine issue, and the Card-Jitsu Handbook, which has been available for a while in the United States. Below is the full newsletter.

18 thoughts on “Club Penguin UK News Email – July 2012

  1. me sad cuz im back from vacation :( i didnt want to leave we went to dollywood in Tennesse and stayed in a cabin that cost 3’000 dollars Dollywood was so fun!Dolly parton made dollywood my favorite ride was the Wild Eagle i couldnt log onto club penguin though but Dolly wood is better than Club Penguin!

  2. What do they mean by “The issue comes with 10 cool furniture item”? Does that mean you will also get funiture items?

  3. UGH! WHY CP WHY! UK gets mini-figure bags!? They havent given the largest groups of cp fans anything in months since they started with the magazine it feels like. I’m not trying to sound greedy but those look REALLY cool ,i hope maybe they will start being sold on ebay so i can buy some.

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