Sooo…when are the Beta Team updates and Arctic White colour coming? It’s almost August!

As long as you were a Club Penguin player a few months ago, you might remember back in the beginning of May when Club Penguin tweeted the following image:

There’s one sticky note that reads “Beta Team aiming for July”. I know July was not concrete, as they were hoping for July. While there are two days left in this month excluding today (Sunday) I doubt we’ll be seeing any changes on the beta team this month.

In addition, whatever happened to Arctic White? Here’s a screenshot of a YouTube comment from late April:

While I’m sure they have plenty of reasoning for being late and keeping quiet about this stuff, what do you think the extended hold-up is? Whenever the new colour and beta team things are released, I’m sure we won’t be displeased. I just hope it’s soon! :)

27 thoughts on “Sooo…when are the Beta Team updates and Arctic White colour coming? It’s almost August!

  1. Since the Igloo Experience is great…… I bet the some sort of color thingy Experience will be also great…. :)

  2. I think their trying to make some complicated way that you have to do to get colors. But with so many penguins hacking it you would think club penguin would just release it like any other color in penguin style. Usually i dont critisize especially on my favorite game. But i admit arctic white and card jitsu snow are taking way too long. I’m wondering if its just another bait rumor. At one point i remember hearing a rumor in the toontown community that white was going to become a make-a-toon color. Now on toontown its the most popular color between hackers. So arctic white could just be bait their never going to release ,but i hope not.

    • THIS IS WHY THEY SHOULD KEEP IT A SECRET UNTIL IT’S RELEASED! But, nothing stays a secret from Trainman1405.

  3. Hey Train, it said ‘Beta Team thing for July,’ NOT ‘Beta Team aiming for July.’ :P

    Oh and PS, I used to be a Club Penguin blogger. This was my site:
    Please tell me if I was doing well.
    I also had a few exclusives no one else got I think (by using SWF decompilers:
    This is my best exclusive. I don’t think you ever found it, and I can give it to you if you give credit: Here’s the exclusive pic from the post (easier to see):

    And some other proud posts:

    • @Trainman1405 I get it, you ‘considering it’ is you saying ‘no I don’t want your exclusive.’ :(

      I mean seriously, you can’t even contact me if you did want it (the e-mails I put in are fake). What, are you gonna try and find it yourself and take all the credit in stead of taking it from me and having to give me credit?

      I want a straight answer. Do you want the exclusive (I’ll send you an un-watermarked version + I get credit)or not.

      • For now I’ll hold off. Maybe when Card-Jitsu stuff happens this November I’ll take it into consideration again. :) I appreciate your help.

        Either way – I could have just gotten it myself (I know how) and then credited you. That what I’ve done in the past for people.

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