Club Penguin Short: Rockhopper VS The Powerful Squid

A new Club Penguin short has been made, this time with the main character being Rockhopper and Yarr. So far only a foreign version of the video exists online, but once the English version is out on the web (or I see it and record it with my laptop like I have done in the past with other Club Penguin commercials) I will update this post.

UPDATE: Here is a translation with help from Pjmgpablo, Buddytoe, Fishandfries, Bebito8 and Antártidaa:

Rockhopper: Raise the sails Yarr, the winds are in our favour today.
Squid: My ball!
Rockhopper: The sea got worse, anchor the sails, grab the mast, close the trapdoors, cut my beard, and no wait, my beard is perfect…
Rockhopper: Like I always say Yarr, there’s nothing in the sea that I…
Rockhopper: YARR! I will save you!
Rockhopper: I got you!
Rockhopper: Hold on Yarr, I will save you!
Rockhopper: Thank me later, Yarr.
Rockhopper: YARRRRRRRR!
(squid eats Yarr)
(memorial service)
Rockhopper: He was the best Puffle that has ever travelled the seven years so unruly and so red!
(Squid spits up Yarr)
Rockhopper: Yarr! You’re alive!
Squid: My ball!
(Rockhopper fights the squid)
Squid: Yeah!
Rockhopper: Don’t ever come back you coward sea monster!
(Rockhopper goes to Yarr)
Rockhopper: Someday you will be a great pirate too Yarr!

[ via Club Penguin Tadeo]

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  1. I know it doesn’t belong to this but when was Club Penguin’s first beta day?
    21st August or 22nd August (2005) or other?

    Please answer.

  2. Rough Translation:

    Rockhopper: “The winds are in our favor today”
    Squid: “My balloon!”
    Rockhopper: “Get ready dog! Set the ropes, raise the sails”
    Rockhopper: (couldn’t understand, can someone figure that out?)
    Rockhopper: “I got you!”
    Rockhopper: “Give him back!” (not too sure)
    (squid eats yarr)
    Rockhopper: “YARR!”
    (memorial service)
    Rockhopper: “He was the best mate a pirate penguin could have, my red friend”
    (squid spits up)
    Rockhopper: “YARR! (couldn’t get what he said after)
    (rockhopper swings to crow’s nest, “fights” squid)
    Squid: (sees ball) “YES!”
    (squid chases ball away)
    Rockhopper: “You no good sea creature!”
    (Rockhopper goes to Yarr)
    Rockhopper: “You’ll be a fine pirate someday”
    (short ends)

    I got my dad to translate some of it, but he’s portuguese so it’s a little rusty, plus it was hard to get some of it due to fast speaking. You could put this in the post if you want Train.

  3. That was an umm weird video. Ant Train is this how you get in CP Files? You log into Club Penguin and when you’re on the server [deleted] Then there’s a huge list. Is this right? If it is delete this part

  4. Train, I just realized I have a buddy with the HAZARD SUIT. It shows perfectly fine on the buddy list, which usually doesn’t happen with unreleased items. I found a different person with it, and they said they unlocked it. So the hazard suit IS available, unlockable, and apparently rare, as I only know of 2 people with it. I will email CP about this and tell you their reply once I get it. What do you think?

  5. This penguin named Peytey K. Can server jump, but it does not go to another server. He said he is a tester. Is this true?

  6. Correction: Squid eats Yarr and Memorial service go after “YARRRR!”

    (??????)= No, wait, my beard is perfect.

    I’m not sure about the last word.

  7. train in the music jam… i saw a guy with the color artic white! now i know the hack and stuff,but i looked at his penguin now and on my friend list, the penguin is missing and when i look at his profile its a blue penguin! its so wierd

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