Win a 1 Year Club Penguin Membership (Plus Official Adventure Party Name Revealed)

Two things – first of all, this month’s Adventure Party is called the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit. Rockhopper will indeed be at the party, having brought fruits on his ship to the Club Penguin Island.

Now for the main part – Parent Dish is having a contest to win a one year Club Penguin Membership, five Innocent Smoothie vouchers, and a copy of Cadence’s new single The Party Starts Now.

If you want to register to win (this contest is not mine, I believe it is sponsored by Disney) you can check it out here. Be sure to read the terms and conditions before entering!

Thanks Pen50gi!

18 thoughts on “Win a 1 Year Club Penguin Membership (Plus Official Adventure Party Name Revealed)

  1. Lol, “Temple of Fruit” I bet we have to retrieve the golden apple or something. I have to admit, it will be an interesting Adventure Party.

  2. I don’t mean this in a rude way, but PLEASE do not enter if you are living in a place where they sell the Smoothies. This contest was made for people who CANNOT get the smoothies and want the items. Thanks!

  3. im not entering cos its unfair on uther ppl! :) no one else enter and we will make cp put more stuff out for more ppl!!!

  4. hi trainman can u plz be in my website group im the only one that is making it and it is really hard to make it on ur own! plz come join my group u dont have to do it evryday u could do it 3 days a week or something like that! the details are here –> website maker weebly, email [removed], password [removed] also plz can u plz plz plz be my friend I keep missing all ur parties! plz can u join my web making group plz?

  5. hay trainman do u happen to have an innocent smoothie code for me. i will give u full credit on other websites please send me one to my mail

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