Club Penguin Book Room Fan Art Got Updated

As first noted by Club Penguin Blogger Saraapril today, the fan art in the Book Room has been updated with brand new drawings. Like usual there are ten new ones for penguins to check out. Here is one of them – it’s a really cool drawing of DJ Cadence.

Which of the ten new drawings is your favourite?

The following page has been updated:

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    • Hey Ducky,
      Sorry I’m late at replying to your comment. I recommend you email me so we can schedule to meet up as I see that right away. :)

  1. When I was on server Ice Cold I saw you at the mine while I saw Rocky and CeCe. But later on the server, it said that my friend mod Loustik005 was online for only a moment. I beleive this is a bug.

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