Club Penguin August 2012 Furniture Catalogue Items

Here is a list of all the furniture items that will be released in next week’s furniture catalogue.

Floor Items:

  • Kiwi Seat for 400 coins
  • Ancient Bench for 250 coins
  • Lemon Cushion for 350 coins
  • Ancient Couch for 450 coins
  • Fruit Pillar for 400 coins
  • Ancient Recliner for 450 coins

Wall Items:

  • Thatched Awning for 250 coins

19 thoughts on “Club Penguin August 2012 Furniture Catalogue Items

  1. The reason why cp has not released a catalog with lots of new clothing is because they save the others clothes probably for a oher catalog or for the upcoming Fruit Party, and they also worked on what probably will be a new EPF mission to so there will be lots of stuff on that upcoming party :P
    Annyway i can’t wait for the party to start xd

  2. oh that’s good then because if it was it then that will be lame the items from other adventure parties and rockhopper’s quest. what do you think trainman?

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