Club Penguin Memories Weekly Post Roundup

It’s time for another weekly post roundup! I apologize for it being two days late….I procrastinated on some homework and then it backfired and now I’m scrambling to catch up before it’s due….heh, oops. Here’s the posts and website news for this week: News:

  • I did follow up with the Club Penguin Staff Member I’m interviewing, as I have not yet received a reply back to the questions asked. She said, and I quote “Just wading through some red tape, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.” If you don’t know what that means (I didn’t, actually) it means there’s some rules of some sort that more or less slow down a process, as it prevents something simple from being done quickly. Don’t worry, as soon as I get the interview complete I’ll be posting it!
  • I still have a few theme bugs to work on.
  • I still need to get Club Penguin Memories back up to date and write more ¬†“On This Day In Club Penguin History” posts.
  • I will be including more Club Penguin History/Facts in posts from now on.
  • I will be tracking Gary throughout the week. I did some Aunt Arctic tracking yesterday and today.
  • I had a whopping 81%¬†increase of website traffic over the last week…wow! Between October 16th & October 22nd I got more hits than I did in January, February, and March 2011 combined, more than I did in April 2011 overall, and just about as much as I got in all of May 2011. Traffic is decreasing though – it went up so much due to the Halloween Party and Gary visiting…but still! Wow! I’m about 60,000 views away from 500,000….once I reach there I’ll be having a party.
  • Speaking of parties…I’ll be having a party sometime in early November…stay tuned!

Here are all the posts from the past week. Click the title to view that post.

Club Penguin Updates:

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Club Penguin Blog Posts:

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