Club Penguin Gary Tracker 2011

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Gary has arrived on Club Penguin for the 2011 Halloween Party! If you do not know who Gary is, he is one of Club Penguin’s meetable mascots. He is the island’s inventor and leader of the EPF, also known as the Elite Penguin Force. He’s invented things such as Aqua Grabber, Pizzatron 3000, Monster Maker 3000, and anything else with “3000” in it. If you meet Gary you will unlock his stamp. You can also get a background from him. This year he has a new background, which looks like this:

Here is his current location:

Gary is usually found in crowded servers, but can and will visit more quiet ones. He is mainly at the Cove, Stage, Dark Chamber, Haunted House, and Secret Lab during the Halloween Party.

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45 thoughts on “Club Penguin Gary Tracker 2011

  1. ok… could we search together? like just be on the same server? i’m taking a break to but could you tell me when and were you go on?

  2. Hey train im’ on some french server and people are screaming “GARY VEIN” in the forest.
    gary is not there though or anywere on that server right now but i belive i missed him by about two minetes!

  3. yeah… but the forest was almost full but that doesn’t mean anything really because during the halloween party the forest is the most poular room.

  4. i think there might be something wrong when i refresh it i get never ending loading and have to turn off my computer cause something makes it freeze do you know whats causing this?

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