Club Penguin Halloween Party 2011 Cheats Theories

A lot of information has been known about the 2011 Halloween Party for about two months now. I first revealed some of my findings in late August, followed by much more information shortly after. Based on what Club Penguin has shown in their Halloween Party 2011 Commercial and Get Connected Segment, I feel confident saying the party will be different compared to most years decoration wise. Yes, we will have the usual Haunted House, but that’s one of over twenty¬†rooms that will be decorated. In Club Penguin’s sneak peeks you can compare the rooms to other rooms, and you’ll see that there are differences and similarities. Please note this post contains a lot of spoilers. If you are interested, continue on reading.


Some of the items have been showcased in Club Penguin’s videos. The new items at this party will include:

  • Crystal Ball Pin
  • Aunt Arctic Background
  • Gary Background
  • Sixth Year Anniversary Party Hat
  • Candy Ghost Background
  • Green Dragon Feet
  • Monster Muzak
  • Orange Frankenfeet
  • Purple Spider Costume
  • Sled Costume
  • Swamp Monster Feet
  • Werewolf Costume
  • Werewolf Feet
  • Werewolf Mask
  • Raven Wings

The Ghost Costume will return at the Haunted Mansion.


It is known Gary will be at this party. He will have a new background. He also has a BOATLOAD of different messages preloaded. If you are interested, below are all the messages that are pre-written. Based on the messages I think he’ll be hanging out a lot at the Cove, Stage, Monster Make Room, Haunted Mansion, and Dark Chamber the most.


Greetings scientist
How do you do?
Aha, I’m glad you could join me
Hello, I’m Gary the Gadget Guy
You can call me Gary
I am quite well
Thank you for asking
Welcome, fellow scientists!
I am very excited for Halloween
This is my favorite party of all
I am doing very well
I am feeling exceptionally mirthful
That means I am very happy
I am significantly exhilarated!
I am very pleased to be here
“I am here to investigate strange happenings
I am here to catch ghosts
I am here to watch Night of the Living Sled
I am here to make monsters
I am here to conduct experiments
I am here to meet monsters
I am here to eat candy
I am here to make potions
Greetings and salutations all!

Dark Chamber Specific:

Let us hide in the shadows and spook penguins!
This will be jolly good fun
Sneaks quietly
Oh my! You surprised me!
A most excellent BOO!
The best way to scare an inventor…is to show him a failed invention
Never mind, it was just my shadow
Silly me
tip toes
hides carefully
hides in shadows
Show me the loudest items you have
Monsters are afraid of loud noises, after all
Watch your step
I do believe an aquatic monster dwells there
What do you think it is?
Let’s examine the specimen
It has an ectomorphic shape
That means it’s long and thin
Are those scales?
What do you see?
It likes the swamp
And seems innocuous
That means it’s harmless!
What are your findings?
May I examine your research?
Excellent notes!
I will take these back to the lab
My my! Look at all this slime
Let us collect some samples
Is it hot or cold?
What does it smell like?
I’d like to experiment on this
fills jar with slime
Let’s take these samples into the Monster Room!

Cove Specific:

Here we are at Monster Catcher Headquarters
Shall we stock up on supplies?
We need ocular illumination!
That means we need flashlights
Nets too
And effective enclosures!
That means cages that work
What other supplies do we need?
Excellent idea!
We’ll need lots of those
How about garlic?
Agreed, there are vampires about!
Why do you think this area is blocked off?
That’s an interesting theory
Be careful, everyone
Did anyone see that?

Haunted House Specific:

Let us make way into the Haunted House!
It’s not for the faint of heart!
Monsters, scientists, I need your help!
Investigate and tell me what you find!
This place is most strange!
Hmm..that’s odd…
This music box appears to be playing automatically
Very curious…
I need some help with this
Let’s check the spookiness levels
Use the Ghoul Detector 3000!
Energy levels are off the charts!
This is unprecedented!
That means it’s never happened before
Let’s investigate the rest of the house
Lead the way!
Monsters! Your senses may be heightened…
Can you hear anything unusual?
Can you smell anything strange?
Everyone make a surprised face!
Scientists! Make notes
Tell me your observations
takes out note pad
makes detailed observations
writes down answers
notes answers
I shall add this to my notes!

Stage Specific:

That sled is animate!
That means it’s alive! ALIVE!
I’m so excited! I’ve seen the movie over 9000 times!
I have tickets to every performance!
Oh my, there’s more than one sled…
They’re multiplying! Sleds everywhere!
Sleds are notoriously hazardous
When dealing with living sleds…always wear a helmet and running shoes
…avoid snowy hills, no matter how inviting they appear
…carry a hungry orange puffle with you\
…orange puffles will eat anything!
…even a haunted sled
Do you have any other tips
How do you celebrate a successful sled escape?
Excellent performance!
It’s the Rad Scientist!
I am also a scientist!
Please tell me…
How did you bring the sled to life?
What other experiments have you tried?
What other monsters have you created?

Monster Room Specific:

All right everyone, gather round
We’re going to use these monster potions
Does anyone here want to be turned into a monster?
Everyone that wishes to be a monster, please gather round the table
Everyone ready?
Everyone taste a potion when I say go
Ready, Set, Go!
I think I shall rehearse my mad scientist laugh
Do you want to practice with me?
Shall we practice our mad scientist laugh?
Here we go
Mwa ha ha!
Hmm… That wasn’t quite right
I do not think that was loud enough
Let me try again
Let’s try again
That was better
Let’s try again
Now THAT is a scientist’s laugh
Oh excuse me, I got a bit carried away there
Excellent! The monsters are on the loose!
I think we’ve made a miscalculation
What an excellent batch of monsters!
We need more candy, monsters
One small step for monsters. One giant leap for mad science!
It’s a ghost!
It’s a cyclops!
It’s a witch!
It’s a blob monster!
It’s a monster bee!
It’s a frankenstein!
It’s a count!
It’s a mummy!
It’s a puppy!
How very adorable!
Egads! It’s a pharaoh!
It’s a wizard!
It’s a fairy!
Wait, are you considered a monster?
My word! It’s a…
Wait, what are you?
I’ve never seen a monster like YOU before
Let’s make a cure!
This needs cooling!
Throw snowballs into the potion!
Take a sip!
Success! You’re a penguin once more!
Let us go into the Dark Chamber and spook some penguins!
Let us go to the Haunted House!

Night of the Living Sled Specific:

Is anyone else a fan of Night of the Living Sled?
Isn’t it a wonderful movie?!
It is my favorite movie of all time
Are you enjoying the film?
It’s definitely a work of art
Who requires some popped corn?
Popcorn emotes for everyone!
What’s your favorite part of Night of the Living Sled?
I liked the Monster Maker so much, I built one!
Some parts of this film make me laugh
Some parts are very spooky
Let’s all make a surprised emote
I enjoy when they mistake the normal sled…for the living sled
That’s a distinctly hilarious scene!
Have you seen all the episodes of Night of the Living Sled?
Let’s head to the Stage to see it live!

Experiment Specific:

It’s time for an experiment
I need volunteers!
Who would like to help?
Oh dear, that isn’t right…
Quick scientists! Hide!
Quickly monsters! Hide!
It appears that our experiment has malfunctioned
Have you attempted this experiment before
Perhaps you could add cake to our experiment?
Add some pizza too
Please do.
Coffee would be much appreciated.
Aha! This is much improved
Lightbulb emotes for science!
I will have to borrow this delicious experiment…
For research, of course
makes potion
mixes potion
adds secret ingredient
heats potion
drinks potion
I wonder what this tastes like…
It’s sour!
It’s spicy!
Tastes like peanut butter!
Tastes like candy corn!
Tastes like socks!
Tastes like mud!
Tastes like day old fish!
Tastes like pizza!
Tastes like cream soda!
Tastes like bubble gum!
Tastes like lukewarm coffee!
Tastes like Anniversary cake!
Tastes like hot sauce!
Yikes, that’s spicy!
Tastes like water!
Tastes like banana!
Tastes like soap!
Tastes like chocolate!
This requires more testing…
Can you pass me a new potion?
Can you help me mix this?
What should we add?
What do you think?
Take notes
Let us take notes
Any observations?
writes notes
watches closely
I think so too
Hmm… I’m not sure
Step up here
That wasn’t supposed to happen
It didn’t work. Let’s try again
Focus monsters!
Remember, safety first!
Inventing is my sole impetus
That means I very much enjoy inventing things
Do you have any resourceful ideas?
I will draw up some blueprints
An ingenious idea! Good work
I will make a note of your idea
I am passionate about learning
Necessity is the start of all inventions
If we need it I’ll invent it
Good luck with all your inventions

Q & A Specific:

Certainly! If you would like to be friends…just collect my background
Scientist, if you have my background, we are friends
Have you collected my background?
Do you know what it means when you have my background?
It means we’re friends
SECRET agents you say? Is that classified information?
Agents you say?
Intriguing, this polar bear sounds like a menace
I’m sorry I can’t talk about that right now
May I have a glass of H2O?
Water is an efficient thirst quenching liquid
A pizza please, my good penguin
My favorite animal?
I’m something of an entomologist
Which means I like insects
Bugs of all kinds
What is your favorite animal
My favorite game?
I enjoy a rousing game of chess
I do enjoy piloting the Aqua Grabber
I love a good game of Find Four
What is your favorite game?
My favorite sport is.. ping pong, I think
What is your favorite sporting event?
My favorite music?
I enjoy classical music
Though some of DJ Cadence’s music is very catchy
My hobbies?
I like to collect things
All sorts of thing
Pizza may very well be the perfect food

Encouraging Specific:

You are all dressed quite nicely
Anything is possible with a dream
And some tools
And some coffee
And some blueprints
And some glue
And some brown puffles
You show impressive fortitude!
That means you’re very determined!
Excellent knowledge!
Great work, my inventive friend

Goodbye Specific:

I must excuse myself now. Take care!
I will most certainly be back soon
The time of my departure is nigh
Farewell penguins
Goodbye, scientists
Keep researching while I’m gone
“I’m sure we will encounter each other again
There is a situation which needs my attention

Aunt Arctic will also be at the Sixth Year Anniversary Party, which is starting (and ending!) on the 24th. I’m sure she will stick around an extra day or two, though. She will also have a new background. Based on her chat messages she’ll mainly be hanging out in the Coffee Shop and Book Room. Here are all of her pre-written chat messages:

Greeting Specific:

Hello everyone
Greetings everyone
Its good to see you all
How is everyone doing?
Oh my!
Look at you all!
Time to celebrate!
Greetings from the Club Penguin Times!

Sixth Year Anniversary Specific:

Club Penguin is 6!
It’s our anniversary! Shall we all cheer?
Let’s see some cake emotes!
Make a wish!
Are you enjoying the party?
Isn’t the party wonderful?
This is a very special party
Did you get your party hat?
This is a spooky birthday party indeed!
I’m so glad you could join the party

Coffee Shop, Book Room, and Year Book Specific:

What is your favorite memory?
Oh I recall that!
That was quite a lot of fun
I’m very proud of all of you
I’m very proud of you
What do you think of the decorations?
I’ve seen a lot of your art and it’s lovely.
Your art is incredible
Thank you for sharing your memories
It’s gorgeous in here
This Book Room is like a gallery
Look at this place!
The best thing about this room is all of you
How do you like the artwork?
Your memories are very important to this island
Each of you holds so many stories of Club Penguin!
It’s important to share our stories

Q & A Specific:

Did you have a question?
Hmm I think so
Hmm I dont think so
Hmm I dont know actually
Probably not
Oh I would love to be your friend
Please take a background to be my buddy
Do you have my background yet?
Do you read the Club Penguin Times?
Do you enjoy the newspaper?
Do you mind if I interview you?
What do you think of the Year Book?
Did you try some cake?
What would you change about the party for next time?
I have too many favorites to say for sure
I like fluffy animals
Have you tried the tea?
My favorite games are Find Four and Mancala
I enjoy treasure hunting too
We could have a tea party

Roleplay Specific:

Your puffle is very neat
They are very cute
Oooh I love puffles
Hearts for puffles everyone!
Thats very interesting
What do you think?

Trivia Specific:

Who wants to play a trivia game?
I’m going to test your Club Penguin Trivia
I’ll describe someone and you say their name
Who am I?
That’s right!
Good guess!
Try again
This penguin is a great inventor
He created the Pizzatron and the Aqua Grabber
He is the only penguin with glasses thicker than mine!
He wears a white lab coat
Its Gary!
This penguin is a famous buccaneer
He brought red puffles to Club Penguin long ago
He has a friend named Yarr
You might say his favorite letter is ARRRR
He has a thick black beard”,”It’s Rockhopper!
This penguin is a great teacher
He trains penguins to use mysterious powers
He is considered the master of Card-Jitsu
He lives in the Dojo
It’s Sensei!
This penguin is a famous DJ
She likes to mix music with DJ3K
She will teach you how to bust a move in Dance Contest
Her DJ name is K Dance
It’s Cadence!
This penguin is a reporter
She writes articles for the newspaper
She enjoys investigating rumors and mysteries
She wears glasses and a pink beanie
If you ever have a question just Ask her
It’s me!

Goodbye Specific:

Take care everyone
I’ll be heading off for now
I enjoyed myself very much
It was a pleasure meeting you
Have a happy holiday
So long
Bye bye!


As mentioned above the new pin will be a Crystal Ball Pin.


Stamps you can unlock at this party include Monster Mash, Explorer, Happy Party Room, Tend a Concession Stand, Celebration, Gary, and Aunt Arctic.

Night of the Living Sled

Night of the Living Sled will be returning like usual. Night of the Living Sled: Live will also be at the Stage.

Halloween Party 2011 Scavenger Hunt

Instead of candy, at this year’s scavenger hunt you will have to find the candy ghosts. The prize for completing the scavenger hunt is the Candy Ghost BG.

The 2011 Halloween Party

Ah yes, the main point of this post. Club Penguin showed us over 10 of the decorated rooms.

Comparing the forest to last year, they changed the faces on the pumpkins and added the candy on the right side of the picture.

The Dock is the same aside from the added trees and candy behind the pumpkin patch.

The Haunted Mansion looks identical to last year.

Aside from the Pet Shop being redesigned since last year’s Halloween Party, it still has pumpkins, just with different faces, etc.

You can see a part of the Gift Shop. This is its normal decorations.

Now for some comparisons on rooms that are a lot different. On the left of each image is this year. On the right of the image is last year. Starting with the outside of the Haunted House, you can see the house is a lot bigger, more pumpkins are added, there is a pile of candy, there’s a path in the snow, and you can access the Secret Lab (Monster Maker Room?) from here instead of the Coffee Shop, due to the Anniversary Party happening after the Halloween Party starts instead of before. This is the first time this has happened.

Here’s the Plaza. The buildings have all gotten redesigns, there’s more pumpkins, etc.

The Town also got a change. One year the Town had a similar look to how it will this year, back in 2007. It’s still different though. You can compare this year and last year like usual.

The final room comparison is the Snow Forts. Big difference! Every year it has been plain and simple – the forts, the pumpkins and webs, and sometimes a free item. This year it has the different houses you can “trick or treat” at.

Finally, Club Penguin will evidently be changing their homepage for the Halloween Party.

Sixth Year Anniversary Party

Nothing much to say here, other than Aunt Arctic will be visiting. I covered that above.

Phew! That wraps everything up! A 3,000 word post – time for a break! Happy Halloween!

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  1. Any word yet on if there will be, I don’t know, any different non-member free items? A candy ghost BG and the Ghost Costume are boring. They’ve gotta have something GOOD.

    • One of the items I listed could be for nonmembers, I don’t know. I can check if you’d like. I think Club Penguin’s files say if it’s member or nonmember.

  2. In the homepage pic, I see a werewolf costume. Was that costume from last year or is it all new? Is all new, Maybe its a member free item. (This is my first halloween party so i don’t know about the costumes from last year)

  3. You can check if you want, and it’s fine with me if you don’t want to. This year’s party looks amazing! One thing that’d make it better is if they brought my favorite item back, whether it’s for members or not…(item: PUMPKIN BASKET!!!) And it probably will if it ever comes back because of the fact all they give away are hats, pins and backgrounds (I don’t even know if the Ghost Costume is for everyone, but probably) and no more hand items, feet items…the last actual clothing item they gave away was the Commander Coat (But of course, what’s a free item like that without paying to unlock something?) and you need the Red Crab for that in July.

  4. Hey trainman! awesome post! i cant wait for this Halloween party to begin!
    But do you know how this year storm is coming? the Halloween party is tommorow and i dont see a storm xD

    • Not a clue. I think it’ll just be an “unpredicted storm” or something. We’ll probably know in tomorrow’s newspaper.

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