Happy77’s “Do Not Miss” List

Happy77 has published a list of items you don’t want to miss out on on the Club Penguin Blog. The first thing she mentioned was stamps. You can currently unlock the following stamps:

  • Trick or Treat – See 10 trick or treat igloos at the party
  • Music Maestro – Solve a musical puzzle at the party
  • Explorer – Visit all the decorated party rooms
  • Scavenger Hunt – Solve a scavenger hunt
  • Monster Mash – Wear a monster costume at the party
  • Happy Room – Make 10 penguins smile in a party room
  • Path Finder – Complete a maze at a party
  • Snack Shack – Serve snacks from a booth, using any food emote
  • Gary – Be in the same room as Gary

She also said we have some really cool igloos! Here’s one from Yann15300:

She also mentioned Night of the Living Sled: Live and the Haunted Mansion.

The following page has been updated:

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