6 thoughts on “Gary To Have New Background At Club Penguin Halloween Party 2011

  1. I also noticed that to! I think it will be a shadowy Face of Gary in a corner and then a Halloweenish background, like he’s a ghost or something!

  2. Hi Trainman, wouldn’t this be Gary’s 4th background? He has one at the popcorn explosion, and two others that look identical but are different, on one he is on the left side and the other on the right side. Please Reply, Your buddy Nelsonbob101 :)

  3. So Gary comes to 20. day and then he is meetable? How about Aunt Artic, she comes on October 24th day and left’s on the same day?

    If i have plenty of luck, i migth meet both… first time in my 4 year CP-history.

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