Club Penguin Halloween Party 2011 Commercial

Club Penguin has uploaded another new video to their YouTube Channel! This time it is a TV commercial for the Halloween Party 2011. I’m guessing it’s on Disney Channel. The commercial highlights some of the same things as the Get Connected commercial, however there are some other new clips too. You can watch the commercial below:

Two rooms in this video that are not in the Get Connected video are the Town and Snow Forts. Both have different looks than the past Halloween Parties so I think this Halloween Party will be a good one.

The Town:

The Snow Forts: (notice how the spy phone is messed up in the bottom left corner…also see the time on the clock lol)

It looks like Club Penguin will also be decorating their homepage just for the Halloween Party, too:

Awesome! Check back tomorrow for my Club Penguin Halloween Party 2011 Cheats Theories post!

8 thoughts on “Club Penguin Halloween Party 2011 Commercial

  1. (If those are mods…) I find it funny that they act like everyone else. “Gimme bubblegum,” one penguin in a tiara and ballerina costume said at the Snow Forts. She is the same penguin who said, “Dances and Observes” at the Haunted House in Get Connected. I like how the mods can tend to act like us.

  2. You have that right! Although it’s quite funny to see them act like that. “GIMME BUBBLEGUM”. “CHOCOLATE!” “SQUIDS FAVORITE FOOD!” “SOMETHINGS FISHY” “CANDY CANDY CANDY” even the “jk” was quite funny. I never thought I’d see moderators goof off with each other…

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