Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Party 2011 Items + Igloo Exclusive

What’s a Club Penguin Update day without some more exclusives? I did some digging in Club Penguin’s files and found some more unreleased clothing items as well as an upcoming igloo!

First off, there will be a new igloo sometime in the future called the Deluxe Gingerbread Igloo. No cost for this igloo is specified in Club Penguin’s files. I’m guessing we’ll see it in either November or December.

As for clothing, there’s a boatload of items. They’ll probably in the November 2011 Penguin Style Clothing Catalog, as the Card-Jitsu Party next month, or in a Ninja Hideout Catalog Update. There are also some more pins.

Head Items:

  • The Fire Flicker for 450 coins
  • The Water Ripple for 450 coins
  • The Sushi Master for 200 Coins
  • The Tremor for 300 coins
  • The Bad Hair Day for 400 coins
  • The Side Swirl for 350 coins

Body Items:

  • Fire Kimono for 450 coins
  • Water Kimono for 450 coins
  • Sushi Master Uniform for 400 coins
  • Earthquake Coat for 400 coins
  • Solar Flare Suit for 350 coins
  • Mint Condition Coat for 350 coins
  • Slope Suit for 400 coins

Hand Items:

  • Fire Blossom Fan for 200 coins
  • Water Lotus Fan for 200 coins
  • Sushi Tray for 150 coins

Feet Items:

  • Seismic Sandals for 150 coins
  • Sunburst Sandals for 150 coins
  • Brown Snow Bunny Boots for 250 coins


  • Hot Sauce Pin (free)
  • Blue Fish Pin (free)
  • Bonsai Tree Pin (free)


  • Bamboo River Background for 60 coins
  • Cherry Blossom Orchard Background¬†for 60 coins
  • Lava Rock Background¬†for 60 coins

11 thoughts on “Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Party 2011 Items + Igloo Exclusive

  1. Hmm, I’m hoping they don’t bring back the Geta Sandals!! The last free shoes in a long time…I remember that party. Quite fun to see the grey sensei dragon and the gong show…at first I thought it was a special thing until I saw you threw snowballs at the Gong. LOL, but I just started CP a week or two before it so…

  2. sadas I like that Idea! Mabye the earthquake suit will cause an avalanche or the Solar Flare will do what it says? Nice job!

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