Club Penguin Memories Weekly Post Roundup – Week 15 Of 2012

Here is this week’s post roundup:


  • Did you have a good Easter?
  • Club Penguin Memories is out of date. I’ll fix that soon
  • I have not yet made my decision but because a certain Club Penguin Blogger or two keep taking my exclusives, with out without credit, I might start watermarking my pictures that are in exclusive posts
  • Sorry for yesterday’s downtime on all my websites!
  • Are you interested in me doing penguin of the month or week? I’ve recently gotten a few suggestions for it and were wondering your suggestions
  • Soon I will make the new headers and add the mobile site.
  • On This Day In Club Penguin Memories posts are something I’m going to attempt to do within the next week or two
  • Site bugs are all fixed except for one which I’m still looking into.
  • I’ve got a small project I need to work on soon
  • I’m always open to suggestion – how can I improve Club Penguin Memories? What should I add? Remove? Is there anything I should post that I don’t, or anything I shouldn’t post that I do? Let me know.

Club Penguin Updates & News:

Gamestop Promotion
Third Club Penguin Twitter Account
Club Penguin Times Issue 337
Easter Basket Pin Cheat
Club Penguin Field Ops 76
New Treasure Book
April 2012 Penguin Style
Easter Egg Hunt 2012
April 2012 Magazine
EPF Message From Dot

Club Penguin Blog Posts & Videos:

Club Penguin To Me Down For Several Hours
April Fools Top 10
Featured Igloos: April 4th
Dubstep Puffle


Igloo Contest & Ask Questions Reminder
Trainman1405 Answers Your Questions
Unreleased Club Penguin Items Pictures
Club Penguin To Have Events Leading Up To Earth Day Party 2012?
Club Penguin Updating Reminder
Club Penguin Maintenance To ‘Upgrade Things’ In The Future?
Club Penguin Has “Big Things Coming This Year”
Still Access April Fools Day Dimensions
Happy77 Has 3 Unreleased Pins
Aunt Arctic Visiting Soon
Arctic White Colour
Celadon Alien Mask & Costume Pictures
Happy77 Replies To More YouTube Comments

34 thoughts on “Club Penguin Memories Weekly Post Roundup – Week 15 Of 2012

  1. Hey Train! I don´t copy your images because I don’t need it and I DON’T like to post about exclusives like unreleased items. But then when I get IMPORTANT news I DO give you credit so can I still do that?

    • Yeah it’s fine. There are just some people who purposefully copy EVERYTHING I do and only credit it sometimes. :-)

  2. I say Do penguin of the month, but how will you choose? Please reply trainman. Thanks! Oh, and are you going to hire people to do some other things on your site other than tracking?!?

  3. Train man, is it ok if I borrow some of your exclusives, like the arctic white, alien , unreleased items, etc, for my blog clubpenguinghosts? Please respond

  4. You should watermark your photos… I hate these non-human beings like Eric703 from Club Penguin CP who constantly copy your images and news just for hits.

  5. The people who keep copying from you, does they post comments here?

    And yes do penguin of the week. its better than penguin of the month cus it changes more often. How u are going to pick it then?

  6. Hey train, for your header, can you put a penguin dressed up as Jacques Hammer the Detective from Ruby and the Ruby. I think that would be cool :D

  7. CPCP used to be a good website until these annoying penguins became authors and since then they barely have anything good. Eric credited you on the Alien, but that’s it. The site was great in early 2009 and late 2008, but then it just started to become annoying and while I kept going there until mid-2010, I still thought it was useless. Really the only sites I visit are Saraapril and CPMems, because both you and Saraapril post quickly and don’t steal.

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