Happy77 Replies To More YouTube Comments

Happy77 is vague like usual in her responses, but she did give out a little bit more information on their Dubstep Puffle┬ávideo. There’s three things:

1) Billybob will be posting about the arctic white colour next week. This will be his first post on the Club Penguin Blog since January 30, 2012.

2) That unrelreased clip of Klutzy and the Puffles shown in the Dubstep Puffle video is coming soon.

3) Again there are more big things coming to Club Penguin.

Special thanks to Deimantas and Penguin1253 for telling me about the comments.

14 thoughts on “Happy77 Replies To More YouTube Comments

  1. Trainman, I think I seen a sneak peek of Card Jistu Snow. On the homepage, by the blue penguin and agent I see a pile of snow by the lighthouse.

  2. Hey, trainman1405.
    just to let u know, did u knew u can send/sent postcards to mascots ?
    i tried and u can send postcards to PH,rockhopper,dj Cadence, Gary ,Aunt arctic :D u can send 1 postcard and then u must login agian to send another one to other mascots :)

    try it when u are online at clubpenguin =)

  3. hey i think i can confirm that the arctic white color will come to clubpenguin.For all puffles are matching puffle costumes and penguin colors BUT there is not a white penguin color that matches the color of the white puffle.
    And about that grey penguin from that uk magazine, maybe its could be a sneakpeek of a second color OR its sensei because in may card ji itsu will be released.

    And in that dubstep video u can see a sneakpeek of penguins that are wearing mickeymouse hats :D

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