Aunt Arctic Visiting At Earth Day Party 2012

One of Club Penguin’s files has been updated with Aunt Arctic’s prewritten mascot messages. They are for the Earth Day Party, which means she will be visiting the island for it. I do not know if Rockhopper will visit too. Special thanks goes to Modernpengi for bringing this to my attention. Here are all her messages:


Hello everyone
Greetings everyone
Its good to see you all
How is everyone doing?
Oh my!
Look at you all!
Time to celebrate!
Greetings from the Club Penguin Times!


Lead the way!
Follow me, everyone!
This way, everyone
Come this way
To the Snow Forts!
Follow me safari experts!
Follow me lions!
Follow me snow leopards!
Follow me painted dogs!
Follow me rockhopper penguins!
Oh my, that’s terribly confusing, isn’t it?

Earth Day

What a beautiful habitat
There’s a perfect place for every animal
Can someone show me around?
This is a wonderful cause
There are lots of animals that need our help
Let’s get the word out!
How are you enjoying this event?
Which costume is your favorite?
Throw a snowball to your favorite part of the room!
Is this your favorite party so far?
What is your favorite party?
Oh I love that party as well
Did you donate to Coins for Change?
Splendid! I did as well
Did you know your coins help endangered animals?
Let’s all dress as animals to show our support for them
Let’s play a game
I will describe an animal
And you guess what it is
It will be one of the animals we’re helping
Here we go!
Who am I?
I am a very social animal that lives in packs
I help care for injured family members
I have a very colorful coat
Im a painted dog!
I have a flexible nose
My nose helps me warm the cold air
My nose helps me breath dusty air safely
Im a Saiga antelope
I have an unusually long tail
I live up high on rocky cliffs
There are only about two thousand of me left in the wild
Im an Andean cat!
I have wide paws for walking on snow
I can leap up to thirty feet
I am the only big cat that does not roar
Im a snow leopard!
I am a small monkey the size of a squirrel
I only live in Colombia
I am threatened by deforestation
Im a cotton top tamarin
I am a penguin that likes to hop
I burst from the water and land on my belly
A famous pirate is named after me!
Im a rockhopper penguin!
I am a penguin that lives in South America
I am very tall for a penguin
I nest in burrows on rocky hills
Im a Megellanic penguin!
I have a flexible nose that can grasp objects
My nose is like an elephant’s
I am closely related to the rhinoceros
Im a tapir!
Who am I?
That’s right!
Great guess!
Nope! Try again!
Well done everyone
You certainly know your animal facts!

Q & A

Did you have a question?
Hmm, I think so
Hmm, I dont think so
Hmm, I dont know actually
Probably not
Oh, I would love to be your friend
Please take one of my backgrounds too
Do you have my background yet?
Be sure to collect my background as a memento from my visit
Have you selected my background yet?
You can use it to remember me by
Of course I will be buddies with you!
I would be delighted to be friends with you
Penguins of a feather flock together
Speaking of penguins can you identify which one this is?
Do you read the Club Penguin Times?
Do you enjoy the newspaper?
Do you mind if I interview you?
I have too many favorites to say for sure
I like fluffy animals
Have you tried the tea?
We could have a tea party
My favorite games are Find Four and Mancala
I enjoy treasure hunting too
Have you been on Rockhopper’s ship?
Have you sent me a question?
Have you sent me a joke?
I receive so many each week
It is so tough to choose
You never know!
I enjoy classical music
My favorite animal is a puffle
I prefer puzzles…
…and crosswords!
My hobbies are writing and reporting
I also enjoy knitting
Thank you for asking
How are your puffles?”]},{“category”:”Roleplay
categoryActive”:true,”script”:[“Your puffle is very neat
They are very cute
Oooh, I love puffles
Hearts for puffles, everyone!
Thats very interesting
What do you think?
May I interview you?
May I ask you some questions?
For the newspaper?
I have some questions for the newspaper
Alright, first question..
Here’s my next question..
One last question..
This year we are helping many animals
Which animal do you enjoy supporting the most?
Is it the..
…snow leopard?
…painted dog?
…rockhopper penguin?
Oh my, I think I made a mistake..
The goldfish isn’t endangered
I’ll have to correct these notes..
What other ways could we help endangered animals?
Do you think it’s important
to let others know what animals are in trouble?
Are you helping to get the word out?
What else are you doing to help animals?
Do you enjoy Earth Day?
Do you enjoy helping animals?
What is your favorite part of the party?
Which animal costume is your favorite?
Do you like the decorations this year?
Thank you for your time!
I appreciate you taking time to answer questions
Thank you very much
I would love to answer some of your questions
Would you like to interview me?
Please do!
Yes I believe that strongly
I like all the costumes very much
No I don’t think so
Thank you for your questions
You are an excellent reporter”]},{“category”:”Trivia
categoryActive”:true,”script”:[“Who wants to play a trivia game?
I’m going to test your Club Penguin Trivia
I’ll describe someone, and you say their name
Who am I?
That’s right!
Good guess!
Try again
This penguin is a great inventor
He created the Pizzatron and the Aqua Grabber
He is the only penguin with glasses thicker than mine!
He wears a white lab coat
Its Gary!
This penguin is in a band
He plays the keyboards
He wrote a book about…
…overcoming stage fright
It’s Franky!
This penguin loves puffles
She even likes eating Puffle O’ berries!
She wears a whistle
She helped our pets plan Puffle Launch
It’s PH, the Puffle Handler!
This penguin sometimes makes mistakes
But he always tries his best
He is the EPF Communications Lead
He once left a Box Dimension door open…
…and the April Fool’s Party started early!
It’s Rookie!
This penguin is a famous buccaneer
He brought red puffles to Club Penguin long ago
He has a friend named Yarr
You might say his favorite letter is ARRRRR
He has a thick black beard
It’s Rockhopper!
This penguin is a great teacher
He trains penguins to use mysterious powers
He is considered the master of Card-Jitsu
He lives in the Dojo
It’s Sensei!
This penguin is a famous DJ
She likes to mix music with DJ3K
She will teach you how to bust a move in Dance Contest
Her DJ name is K Dance
It’s Cadence!
This penguin is a reporter
She writes articles for the newspaper
She enjoys investigating rumors and mysteries
She wears glasses and a pink beanie
If you ever have a question, just ask her
It’s me!


Take care everyone
I’ll be heading off for now
I enjoyed myself very much
It was a pleasure meeting you
So long
Bye bye!

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