Trainman1405 Answers Your Questions!

As promised, here are the answers to all the questions you asked me in the past week!

Random asked: “What kind of games you play on PC? Or xbox or ps3, wii? And do you like FPS-games, do you play Battlefield 3 :DD”
Trainman1405: I’ve never been a huge gamer. When I was younger I’d play stuff like Mario Party and Mario Kart on Gamecube, and Guitar Hero on PS2. Nowadays I mainly play games on my iPod – I do have all three Modern Combat FPS games by Gameloft. They’re pretty fun. I’ve never played COD or Battlefield though. My brother plays COD, however.

Santa Jr asked: “Do you like playing football, and what’s your favorite football team?”
Trainman1405: I’ve never actually been a huge sports person, so I don’t really have any favourite teams.

Blakefilms13 asked: “How hard is it for you to post an update that happened on CP, you know, with all the school and stuff like that?”
Trainman1405: It depends on what assignments I have due when. Since I’m (mainly, it’s difficult to explain) homeschooled it’s definitely easier to post. Back in 8th grade when I did Track & Field it was definitely a challenge to manage my websites.

AshlE Smilez asked: “What are you working on at school/home?! :)”
Trainman1405: Between homework and computer stuff, not a whole lot. I also watch TV and read, but there isn’t much else I do other than that. :p

Sadas asked: “Do you have any pets?”
Trainman1405: Yes, I have a dog. Her name is Ginger and she’s a Sheltie.

Nelsonbob101 asked: What other things do you do online?
Trainman1405: Other than managing my websites I do stuff such as reading other non Club Penguin related blogs, posting on some forums, and social networking. (instant messaging, Twitter, Facebook, etc)

Nelsonbob101 & Amy 19987 asked: “Do you play any sports?”
Trainman1405: Currently I do not. When I was younger (Kindergarten and my first year or two of elementary school) I did baseball. Most recently, two years ago in 8th grade, I ran track. I did the 400 meter run and 100 meter hurdles.

Private asked: “What do you do to celebrate your birthday?”
Trainman1405: The past few years I haven’t done much – I’ll just usually hang out with some friends for the day and maybe go swimming or something. I might also go out for dinner with my family.

Parufua and Magicguy216 asked: “How old are you?”
Trainman1405: I’m currently 16. I’ll be turning 17 this June.

Parufua asked: “What country/state do you live in?”
Trainman1405: While I’m not going to say which state, I will let you know that I live in the United States.

Parufua asked: “Are you african, british, indian, etc?”
Trainman1405: I am of Irish and Polish heritage. I think there is also a slight mix of Slovak, too.

Parufua asked: “Mac or PC?”
Trainman1405: I’ve grown up using PC’s my whole life but I’m definitely leaning towards macs nowadays. When the time comes for me to purchase a new computer this Summer I’ll probably go with a mac.

Parufua asked: “iOS or Android?”
Trainman1405: iOS.

Parufua asked: “Xbox or PS3?”
Trainman1405: I’m neutral on them both.

Parufua asked: “Name?”
Trainman1405: My name is Devin.

Club Sam56 asked: “When you’re off the pc what do you do?”
Trainman1405: Besides schoolwork I enjoy reading, listening to music, and walking around town to and from the park. Sometimes I’ll practice driving, too.

Cheezlovermw asked: “Do you play other games besides CP? If so, what are they?”
Trainman1405: I enjoy playing mobile games such as Tap Tap Revenge (which I’ll post about in the coming weeks) and other games such as Doodle Jump, Temple Run, and other miscellaneous apps.

Luigi755 asked: “How did you just got to be famous with your blog?”
Trainman1405: Good question, I don’t really know. Overtime my name became well known I guess. I never purposefully tried to become famous.

Shoegoo asked: “Do you play Minecraft?”
Trainman1405: I’ve never actually played it, no. Last Fall I purchased it for my brother for his birthday but I have yet to try it – I’m sure one day I will. :)

Shoegoo asked: “Do you have any rc cars(like a hobby)cause i’m getting a new one that goes 70+mph”
Trainman1405: When I was younger I had some stuff like that, but they definitely didn’t go 70 MPH! :O

Shoegoo asked: “Why do you never change how you look?”
Trainman1405: I don’t know, back in 2008 I put together this outfit and I’ve liked it ever since. I like sticking with the old classic items and I think it goes well together.

Penguiin23 asked: “Do you have any Club Penguin toys at your house?”
Trainman1405: Yes I do, here is a picture of some of them. (not pictured are mix n’ match or Card-Jitsu cards)

Pengy4546 asked: “How would you describe your everyday life?”
Trainman1405: I have my ups and downs being a teenager, but it’s pretty average. Nothing too special.

Blakefilms13 asked: “Do you have any games? such as, super mario galaxy, super mario galaxy 2, super smash bros brawl, call of duty black ops, mario kart, just to let you know I only own one of those games, super smash bros brawl.”
Trainman1405: I have Guitar Hero 1, 2, 3, Aerosmith, World Tour, as well as Band Hero. For Gamecube I have an ATV game and my brother owns a few other stuff for PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube. I’m not a huge gamer. I used to own Mario Kart and Mario Party 7 for Game Cube. :-)

Wwe Vs Wwf asked: “Do you love fruits?”
Trainman1405: I don’t eat fruit daily but I like pears, raspberries, and strawberries the most. :)

Wwe Vs Wwf asked: “How many words had you used for EVERY post and page?”
Trainman1405: Way too many. :P

Wwe Vs Wwf asked: “Do you think CP blogging could be a chore?”
Trainman1405: At times it definitely is, it just depends how much effort you want to be put into it.

Wwe Vs Wwf asked: “Do you have a time to quit CP?”
Trainman1405: Nope, I don’t have a set time. Back in Spring 2010 to Fall 2010 I took a break where I cancelled my membership and only went on to see the updates, but came back. Once I feel like it’s time I’ll move on.

Wwe Vs Wwf asked: “What is you least favourite sport?”
Trainman1405: I don’t have a least favourite sport, but basketball is the most unexciting to me. (lol hopefully my dad doesn’t read this, he likes it xD)

Wwe Vs Wwf asked: “What is the worst computer game you ever played?”
Trainman1405: I don’t know, I’m not a huge gamer.

Wwe Vs Wwf asked: “How many computers do you have?”
Trainman1405: Well I currently own a single laptop. This is my third one between (I think) 2005 and now. I got one back in 2008 too but after a year or two it wasn’t working right. Soon I’ll be getting a fourth as this one is falling apart. :L My family owns a desktop computer too if you’re curious about my own family. I’ve also got a tablet (HP Touchpad) and two iPod Touches. (4th generation and 2nd generation) I don’t use the 2nd generation one. And I’m not rich, I just save up my money for electronics. :P

Wwe Vs Wwf asked: “Do you think Billybob will ever get to meet you in real life and say face to face that your blog is amazing?”
Trainman1405: That’d be pretty cool if it did happen. It’d also be cool if Club Penguin had actual Club Penguin players meet up and be in a Coins For Change commercial, heh

Wwe Vs Wwf asked: “When did you start Twitter?”
Trainman1405: July 2008. A real life friend told me about it.

Wwe Vs Wwf asked: “How heavy are you (pounds)?”
Trainman1405: My weight tends to fluctuate a lot but I’m usually around 110 pounds.

Wwe Vs Wwf asked: “Don’t you think that soccer is a amazing sport?”
Trainman1405: Soccer is pretty cool. I’m no good at it though.

Wwe Vs Wwf asked: “Do you like your school?”
Trainman1405: Yes I like it, but I prefer the one I went to last year. (I moved)

Wwe Vs Wwf asked: “What is the best or worst thing about CP blogging?”
Trainman1405: Best: meeting new friends and sharing what I know with the world and expressing myself. Worst: All the hard work that needs to be done at times.

Nightbug1 asked: “Where do you work on this website? At home or somewhere else?”
Trainman1405: Clever question! Usually at home in the office room but I have and will post from other places as long as I have wifi. (stores, other houses, and once on the road)

Tyson, Xbird, and Dhi228 asked: “What’s your favorite food?”
Trainman1405: That’s a tough one. Probably pizza (who doesn’t like pizza?) although I rarely have it. My favourite snack is probably chips & salsa, although again I rarely have it. :P

Tyson & Xbird asked: “Do you have any brothers or sisters? If so how many?”
Trainman1405: I have one younger brother. I am three years older than him.

Ferch asked: “Do you have a PS vita?”
Trainman1405: I do not. The only Sony product I own is a PlayStation 2, although I haven’t used it in quite a while.

Random asked: “How often you are on computer and how long you spend each day time with your lovely computer? And how about weekends? ;)”
Trainman1405: Too too much. At least a few hours. (My computer is on all day for a good 12 hours, and I’m probably on it for about 6 or 7 sometimes) With school though I’m usually on it for like 3 hours a day, maybe more. Still a lot and it’s unhealthy. I don’t know where the time goes sometimes.

Wboys14 asked: “Characterize yourself in 3 words. I’m very curious…”
Trainman1405: Average yet abnormal. ;-)

Scrmrz asked: “What is your favorite subject?”
Trainman1405: History!

Amy 19987 asked: “Do you play mario or sonic video games?”
Trainman1405: I used to play Mario Kart and Mario Party. When my cousins visit or I visit them we might play Mario Party 6.

Daisy34802 asked: “If you got to create a special party on club penguin what would if be ? If you got to add or take away any features on club penguin what would they be ? PS. You rock”
Trainman1405: Hmm…I don’t have any ideas on a party I could create, but I would definitely bring back the Summer Party, or a Beach Party of some sort. Kind of like the Water Party. As for adding and removing features, I’d rather they remove any buggy material and improve buddy lists, as it is heavily needed. Other than that I think the CP team has done a great job with the game. Also, thank you very much. :)

James Vu asked: “What is your favorite game on CP? Do you think the field ops are too easy?”
Trainman1405: My favourite Club Penguin game is either Card-Jitsu or Cart Surfer. The 95% of the time the field ops are east, yes. I prefer the harder games such as the locker tempo one.

Xbird asked: “What is your worst school subject?”
Trainman1405: Biology.

Wwerocks88 asked: “Do you like Call of Duty?”
Trainman1405: Nope, not really.

Ferch asked: “Do you like ice cream?”
Trainman1405: Yes, I do like ice cream.

Ferch asked: “Do you watch cartoon network?”
Trainman1405: A little bit. I’ll watch stuff like Regular Show.

Ferch “Do you hate geography?”
Trainman1405: Nope! Anything related to history, social studies, and geography I enjoy.

Andy3678 “Do you play any other games such as Wizard101 or Toontown Online i play those in addition to cp but do you play them?”
Trainman1405: Nope. Back in 2008 or 2009 I tried out a game called Planet Cazmo but it was only for a few days. That is the only other virtual world game I have checked out besides Club Penguin.

Rico1206 asked: “Besides Club Penguin, are there any other online games you play? If so, what are they?”
Trainman1405: Tap Tap Revenge has some internet functionality to play with others in it but it’s not a virtual world or anything. Other than that, nothing.

Rico1206 asked: “Do you like any sports (which, if so)? (Which is your favorite?)”
Trainman1405: Track is pretty much it.

Terminator37CP asked: “Do you think 1000000 is too much?”
Trainman1405: It’s quite a lot, yes.

Amy 19987 asked: “Are you friends on cp with another famous penguin?”
Trainman1405: I’m friends with a few famous penguins on Club Penguin, yes. Although I dislike the term famous. :P

Dhi228 asked: “Do you get grounded if you get an A for everything and just one B?”
Trainman1405: Not usually, but if my grades start to drop I’ll get grounded.

Dhi228 asked: “Why do you like trains a lot?”
Trainman1405: I dunno, as a kid they appealed to me. :P

Dhi228 asked: “Do you actually like CP?”
Trainman1405: Not as much as I did when I first joined (a loooong time ago) but it’s still fun to check out what’s new. Part of it is because it’s aimed towards a younger age group.

Dhi228 asked: “What other hobbies do you like other than computer related stuff?”
Trainman1405: Reading, model trains, and playing iPod games.

Dhi228 asked: “Do you like FIFA 11?”
Trainman1405: I haven’t actually played it but games of that genre don’t really appeal to me that much.

Noiki1 asked: “Why don’t you hire someone to help you on the website?”
Trainman1405: Because I don’t need to. I don’t need an author or anything since I can manage Club Penguin Memories perfectly fine. (with the exception of tracking :P)

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  1. I specifically like the parts where it says (PIC). Sadly, we cannot view pictures by putting in some sort of Trainman Secret Code that takes a live shot of the in question “thing”. Basically, I like the way you forgot to actually add in the pictures where you were planning to.

    Just kidding and that’s a lot of questions you got asked there.

  2. Wow! You picked two mine questions :P

    I have to ask, have you ever mentioned that you play Club Penguin to your IRL friends?? I mean.. of course u have like when u started in 2006, but do they still know u are playing CP :P
    And how about your parents?

    So if you are turning 17 later this year im not old at all for club penguin :)

    • One or two of my IRL friends know I play and run the website, but it’s not really information I share.

      My parents know I do all this, yeah. They’ll read my website at times to see what I’m up to.

    • Yeah, I don’t really care if people know i play cp.. people are like Why do you play cp?? and i’m like Because i feel like it, got a problem with it? xD kinda mean :) and i don’t really care what people care about me!

    • Okay. Btw, tracking team members should have a way to contact each other.
      Example: Some one is updating the tracker now and I want to know who it is.

    • It would, but I have never found any of the members in the chat. If the member who is updating the tracker would go in the chat, it would make it quit a bit easier too stay in touch. We could let each other know which servers we are checking too.

      And here is a suggestion for your site: Why not have a penguin of the week/month?

    • Because I don’t need to. I don’t need an author or anything since I can manage Club Penguin Memories perfectly fine. (with the exception of tracking :P)

  3. Dude when you answered my question did you mean your home-schooled? Because I am. If you are home-schooled your my favorite club penguin cheats person. Not like you weren’t. That’s it. bye!

  4. hey devin your kinda like me. :D im 16, learning how to drive, like to listen to music and other stuff. please reply back dude.

  5. Ok, now I know your not much of a Sonic person. Speaking of Mario Party, I am getting Mario Party 9, Mario Party 8, and, even though she is not in Mario Party 9, every other game with Toadette in it. XD

  6. Truly amazing Q&A! Train, you’re a lot like me in a a lot of ways. Despite the fact I’m quite young (12), we have a a lot in common. I visit your site everyday and I think you’re very amazing. :) Thanks for sharing this Q&A with us!

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