Club Penguin Has Updated The Treasure Book (Series 16)

Club Penguin has released the sixteenth version of the Treasure Book! To get these items you need to redeem a coin code. You can view all the pages in the Gift Shop. There are no hidden items. The Treasure Book was last updated on January 5, 2012.

Here is what the new ninja items look like:

The following pages have been updated:

19 thoughts on “Club Penguin Has Updated The Treasure Book (Series 16)

  1. this is sooo amazing! just in time. with the code of cp magazine I can finally get mp3000!

    is it true that treasure book updates again in May with some of the items you showed us? (Hard Rock Guitar, Speed Boat, E-reader) or is it just a rumour?

  2. Where’s the Tunage? The green high tops? The white electro shirt? D; I was really expecting them when I first saw NEW TREASURE BOOK.. :( they need to replace the last page of items with them..

  3. Im about to get some items with 3 coin codes I saved for this catalog! :D P.S. if you want to see some ill be on sherbert

  4. Why did they bring back an old page of items from a past series? I thought they said they wouldn’t do that…

  5. I am assuming the unreleased items shown like the tunage, speed boat, e-reader etc. are reserved for a Summer Series 17 Treasure book. Keep in mind the Hard Rock guitar, and Green Keytar, and Tunage are music related, and so they will probably release that in summer close to Music Jam.

  6. Train, have you seen penguins with the new unlocks like Tunage, Green Hightops, or Green Zebra Scarf? I have been seeing them, and I believe they cheated. Do you think so?

  7. I which they could bring back treasure book series 3 because I want the items in the book and its not fair.

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