This Is What Some Of The Unreleased Items Look Like

Recently some of the unreleased I’ve posted about within the past month or two have been available on Club Penguin’s website, a total of twelve to my knowledge. Here they are.

Hard Rock Guitar:

Purple Sandals:

The Tunage:

White Electro T-Shirt:

The Auburn:

Green High Tops:

Purple Beaded Necklace

Purple Polka-dot Dress

Classy Agent Suit:

Bubblegum Cheerleader Outfit:

Speed Boat:


23 thoughts on “This Is What Some Of The Unreleased Items Look Like

  1. Oh my god so sweet.
    Looking forward to Hard Rock Guitar, White Electro T-Shirt, Green Hightops, Classy Agent Suit, Speed Boat and E-Reader.

    Do you think they will be in a clothing catalog, or you will have to unlock from a treasure book? Also, is the speed boat hand item or what? :O
    And how about E-Reader?

  2. 1. The speed boat looks epic
    2. Why the heck would an ereader be a map? wouldn’t it be an ereader, like a kindle?

  3. E-reader can pe unlocked wih membership code from 2011.But i know (NON-OFFICIAL),neon skate and neon helmet(for skaters)will be availe to unlock.

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