Club Penguin Has “Big Things Coming This Year”

Two interesting comments by Happy77 (or another Club Penguin staff member) over on their official YouTube Channel. What do you think the big stuff is that the team has planned for us? (EPF related, maybe?)

First one:

Second one:

13 thoughts on “Club Penguin Has “Big Things Coming This Year”

  1. I’m surprised they let the comment get through about flame. You’d think they’d ignore it. Wow. But I have to admit, the April Fools’ party kind of sucked because they only focused on the Town, Plaza, Snow Forts, and the Box Dimension. Of all parties they’ve EVER had, the Adventure Party 2009 and this year’s April Fools were my least favorites.

  2. The guy who made the flame comment, I think its safe to say that Club Penguin is not for him. I do agree on some points, like the fashion show…that was pretty weak of CP, and really catering to females too.

    Honestly, he needs to see how much work gets put into these parties. Like Rockhopper’s quest, I would never be able to make the graphics, and all the coding for the rooms and stuff, it was very well done and polished, and I am a graphic and flash artist myself. In terms of fun it was all right for the most part, short and fun, but dont expect hours on end of fantastic gameplay, its an MMO, not the newest Zelda game.

  3. My guess for HUGE parties this year would be The festival of snow, Mediveal Party, EPF Related Party, and the July Party.. Also the Card jitsu party because this year they have to split the island into 3 sections(possibly 4?)

  4. And I hope CP will add a fullscreen option! I would like to have a full screen to make gameplay a tad bit easier

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