Still Access Some April Fools Day Party Dimensions (UPDATED WITH MORE DIMENSIONS!)

Just because the April Fools Day Party is over, it doesn’t mean you can’t still access some of the dimensions! As you can see in the image below, my penguin is in the Desert Dimension but the Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt is out!

You can go to the following rooms via the URL provided below. (just change the number to go to the specified room)

851: Desert Dimension
852: Stairs Dimension
853: Space Dimension

The URL to login with:


UPDATE: As pointed out by Pinguirojo72 in the comments, you can visit three more of the rooms! Put “420” in the URL instead of the other numbers. You will then start on Rockhopper’s ship. Click the map. For some reason the map does not always appear.

Once it loads, pick any of the islands. Instead of going to the island you’ll go to a dimension.

Swashbuckler Trading Post: Stairs Dimension
Dinosaur Island: Dessert Dimension
Shipwreck Island: Joke Dimension

9 thoughts on “Still Access Some April Fools Day Party Dimensions (UPDATED WITH MORE DIMENSIONS!)

    • No. I discovered this a while ago, and just thought it was a glitch. I used it to buy stuff from the Migrator as it was previously when it visited Club Penguin, and it worked fine! I’ve used it since, and still havent gotten banned, even if I do it on multiple accounts. Enjoy!

  1. Also if you have done the Rockhopper quest you put the number 420, then you open the map on the right you can choose between:
    Swashbuckler Tradind post= Ladder dimension
    Dinosaur island= dessert dimension
    Shipwreck island= jokes dimension

  2. I wish the dark chamber is for everyone in the halloween party 2012 so we can get a free costume and lantern.

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