Club Penguin Makes Third Twitter Account, @ClubPenguin

It looks like Club Penguin is working on increasing their social reach. First it was YouTube and now Twitter, with three accounts! It was originally just their @CPParents account, then most recently @SupportAtCP. However, just a few days ago it was noticed (but unconfirmed) that the @clubpenguin twitter account was completely redone – when I last checked a few weeks ago it was an inactive Portuguese player account, but then it changed. Today it was confirmed by the @SupportAtCP that the Twitter account is indeed now theirs.

What exactly is planned for the Twitter account I don’t know. It just looks like status updates and notifications about new YouTube videos. Do you think they have other plans for the account? What about an official Facebook Page?

2 thoughts on “Club Penguin Makes Third Twitter Account, @ClubPenguin

  1. I believe they dont have any plans. Same meaning with the other accounts as well.

    Im sure they will have.. they will make Facebook account during this year. Or I hope so.

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