Club Penguin April 2012 Clothing Catalogue

Club Penguin has released their fourth edition of clothing styles for 2012 in the Gift Shop! The main theme of the new items in this catalogue is related to Earth Day.

Here are the hidden items. There are two new ones. Hidden items now sparkle when you hover over their location and play a sound when clicked on. It also now says “You found a secret!”.

Click the tree for the Cocoa Bunny Ears & Cocoa Bunny Costume. The ears cost 250 coins and the costume costs 550 coins.

On the next page click the shovel for the Brown Striped Fedora (400 coins) and the Green Recycle T-Shirt. (300 coins)

Two pages after that click the paintbrush that the penguin is holding.

The Viking Helmet will appear. It costs 750 coins.

Open and close it four times. The Blue Viking Helmet will then appear. It costs 1,200 coins.

On the next page click the penguin’s beak for the Brown Shoes. They cost 400 coins.

Change the page again. Click the penguin’s smile for the White Feather Boa. It costs 200 coins.

On the next page click the penguin’s face for the Silver Star Necklace. You can purchase it for 250 coins.

Two pages after that, click the seashell next to the penguins. You’ll then bring up the Green Flippers (200 coins), Diving Helmet (650 coins), and the Diving Suit. (500 coins)

Change the page one last time. Click the penguin’s face for the Blue Flippers and Pink Flippers. The Blue ones cost 225 and the Pink ones cost 200.

Click the penguin’s flipper for The Classic (400 coins), Marine Vest Outfit (450 coins), Bronze Music Note Necklace (350 coins), and the Yellow Sandals. (150 coins)

Click the snow for the Pink Snorkel (200 coins) and the Blue Snorkel. (250 coins)

What is your favorite new item in this catalogue? Below is a video of all the cheats.

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