Club Penguin April 2012 Magazine

Club Penguin has released their third magazine issue. This one is for April 2012. Check back soon for more information! This magazine is only available in the United Kingdom. Just like the first two issues, special thanks to Bloxxerman for all the pictures and information.

Here’s the cover of this month’s spy themed issue:

The table of contents in this issue is:

  • Flipperazzi: Cadence
  • Puffle of the Month: Brown Puffle
  • Fashion 4 U: Super Snooper
  • Invitation: Earth Day Party
  • Penguin Comic: Rookie’s Holiday
  • Cadence’s Catwalk: Double Agent
  • Penguin Quiz: Agent Test 2.0
  • Penguin Mission: Timber Tantrum
  • Penguin Profile: Gary the Gadget Guy
  • Gary’s Top 10 Amazing Inventions
  • Cool Cribs
  • Posters
  • Penguin Comic: Alaska’s Adventure
  • Penguin Challenge: Gary’s Gadget Lab!
  • CP Tour: EPF Command Room
  • Competition: Puffle Rescue
  • Penguin Challenge: Once Upon a Penguin (As said by Bloxxerman, this challenge is medieval themed. Perhaps it’s hinting for a return of the Medieval Party? What do you think?)
  • Ask Aunt Arctic
  • VIP: Stephanie Lo
  • Next Issue

Next month will be a music jam themed issue, available starting May 3rd. This is the item sneak peek. Why is the penguin gray?

Also, as pointed out by Saraapril yesterday, if your penguin is featured in the magazine you’ll get coins and a penguin mail postcard!

Postcard 1:

Postcard 2:

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  1. hey train remember when the aminals costume came out and the penguins color was grey ,well cp said thats its just a color for testing it

  2. Thanks to Bloxxerman for sending info and pics to Train so he can post it! And thanks to Train for posting it! :D

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