Club Penguin Memories Weekly Post Roundup

Sorry the post roundup is late again! Hopefully within the next week or two I go back to publishing these on Sunday afternoons.


  • Club Penguin Memories is finally┬áback up to date! I’ve spent the last few days updating about 50 of the pages.
  • The theme bugs will be worked on this weekend. I’ll also remove the Halloween Background around that time too and change the penguins in the header images.
  • Next week I’ll (hopefully) work on some “On This Day In Club Penguin History” posts.
  • Within the next week or two I’ll post details on a party I’ll be having. :)
  • I do have a few miscellaneous things to catch up on. Usually when it’s the end of a marking period at school it’s suddenly an overload of work.
  • I did post the interview with the Club Penguin Staff Member. Have you seen it yet? The link is below.
  • Feel free to add me on Club Penguin with the new penguin searching feature!

Club Penguin Updates:

Gary EPF Message
Club Penguin Times Issue 314
Monster Muzak In DJ3K
Pufflescape Construction
Field Ops 53
Chat Suggestion Feature
New Buddy List Features
Three New Games In Beta Team
November 2011 Pay Day

Club Penguin Blog Posts:

New Chat & Friends Coming Soon
Update On Logging In Issues & Beta Team
Puffle Hats Reviewed By You


Club Penguin Employee Interview
Membership Page Updated
Future Login Screen Exclusive
German On Club Penguin’s Website
PH To Be A Mascot?
The Future of Club Penguin
Pufflescape Information
Server Jumping Demo
Paper Dolls Theory
Top Trumps Information
Trick or Treat Stamp Unlocking Party
How To Add Billybob & Happy77 On Club Penguin

18 thoughts on “Club Penguin Memories Weekly Post Roundup

  1. Hey train, My mom said I can go on cp tomorrow cause of Pufflescape/rollerscape coming out.
    i know u will be on for updating so I wanted to know if instead of Friday, we go on tomorrow?
    Maybe like 7:00 am Est on great white?
    Let me know what works!;)

    • It might, but the last few days I’ve been sleeping in until around 7:30. So sometime between 7 and 8 I should be on.

  2. CJ party on 24th!
    Sounds like fun! Oh… and its says “all access water and fire games”. does that mean non member too!

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