How To Add Billybob & Happy77 On Club Penguin!

The secret is out, so here it is – copy and paste the text to search for them and they will appear: Háppy77 & Billybób.

Okay, I admit the title is a little misleading. In short, a few penguins have found out how to bypass the usual message when trying to add Happy77 and Billybob and add them. Don’t believe me? I did it myself.

For now, I’m not going to say how. I easily could, but I don’t thing Billybob and Happy77 want tons of friend requests – I’m going to keep it a secret unless word on how to spreads around and it’s not much of a secret anymore. I wonder if Happy77 or Billybob will add me now…

123 thoughts on “How To Add Billybob & Happy77 On Club Penguin!

  1. come on tell us you dont tell us how to access the club penguin core files cant you at least tell us how to add happy77 and billybob

    • For now I’m keeping it a secret so Happy77 and Billybob don’t get flooded with requests. If word on how to leaks out and everybody knows, only then will I make the information available on here.

  2. LoL!
    well I’m takin a geuss.
    If i’m wrong, i’m wrong.
    I’ll find out sometime, even if it’s not today!
    Well back to the hint.
    I’m almost postive about the hint!
    u got another one?

  3. i am your biggest fan and i know u dont want them flooding with request but i thought this is a cheat website so tell us the cheat

  4. I think it’s sorta demeaning to tell us that we can do this, but not tell us how. You’re just gonna get yourself flooded with “TELL ME HOW TO […] I WON’T TELL ANYONE”.

  5. i understand trainman thats what i like about this blog your always respecting of other people and your not uptight about everything like the blogger i used to read your a good friend too wanna meet on cp sometime?i added you a couple days ago im the penguin with a six aniversery hat on along with the swamp monster costume holding the lantern sometime when your on maybe we can meet up

  6. @Xbird, dude I can’t make it anymore obvious! Read this sentence…

    ó , what a wonderful dáy!

    I can’t make it anymore obvious than it is.. If I did I know Train wouldn’t add my comment lol. So good luck guys! :) And Happy Halloween!

  7. Hey trainman I am really your biggest fan you added me a few days ago and i was the one chasing you yesterday anyway I just wanted to say your website is awesome

    • I’m glad you like my website! :) Also sorry I didn’t reply all the time yesterday, I wasn’t always focused on Club Penguin.

  8. I don’t get it what is “ó , what a wonderful dáy!” i don’t get it at all please give another clue ;(


  9. Hey, Trainman1405 i found how i must Bypass the system to Send a request to Billybob and happy77 :D and its awesome , now i only have to wait until they add me -_- xD
    And i logged 3 times in a row on Server Ice Shelf today and the when i was in the server ,the friends list came up and said GARY ONLINE ! But when i checked the whole server he wasn’t there :( so clubpenguin should do sometinge about it and Why can i not put Gary as my Best Friend ?

  10. uhhhh i can’t figure it out can you tell me a little clue to the website like who is the owner or the name of their penguin or how to do it just one of those

  11. come on please heres a deal if you tell me the answer i will always go to this site ( i usually go to clubpenguin cp ) please trainman pleaseeeee

  12. you know i cant help but feel dumb for missing such an easy thing to do anyway im probably going to be on cp sometime later if you wanna meet up id say like idk maybe around say what time is it now ok from now wich is 8:11 AM USA eastern standard time until lets say about noon USA eastern standard time is probably how long ill be on (this comment might show up for you a little later so please dont be confused)

    “insult to injury the platypus is leaving”- Dr Doofensmirtz From The Disney Channel Series Phineas And Ferb

  13. Hi Trainman,a hour ago I saw a guy who looked exactly like Gary!But his name was called billybob 2000 but was wearing the lab coat,glasses and a tie.Could this be a hack or something?

  14. Hey im from CLUB PENGUIN! thats such a good idea man i cant belive i dident think of that! I also got banned SOMEHOW!so guy hacked me again! Ohwell! WADDLE ON CP FROM KITTY1232

  15. well i put the video but anyway here is the link oh but it just turns into the video just go to this channel denis5651 and you can find it have fun watching plus you are already my friend on youtube

    • Ooohhh whoops. I read the comments from my admin panel but it didn’t show the YouTube video unless I view the comment on the post. I see it. :)

    • Highlight the text, right click on it, and hit copy. Then go on Club Penguin, right click in the box, and hit paste.

  16. awesome dude and just so you know you have to sub to me and be my friend on youtube which we are plus you have to guess the name of the animal not the card if you guess animal 1 you get club penguin membership for 1 month guess number 2 animal get wizard101 card and number 3 animal beyblade battles online code and you might need to look at prvious videos for the animals name

  17. I figured it out! First type in “Billyb” Then Copy this letter: ó Then click the search buddy list thing again then hold down CTRL+V And then It should say Billybób Then, click search then you added them! Sorry train, but guess what? I FOUND THE SECRET!

  18. Hiya! I’m really confused! So, like you said. To add Billybob and Happy77 you must use accents. Just one problem… HOW!?! I play Clubpenguin on my computer and my keyboard doesnt have accent letters! Please help!! ;( :(


    Make the o like ó copy and paste it

    Make the a like á copy and paste it


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