Club Penguin’s New Buddy List Features!

When logging into Club Penguin you might notice something a little different….all the icons next to the server names are gone! This is because of Club Penguin’s all new buddy system. If you have a buddy or buddies online in a server it will show a icon next to it. If you don’t there will just be a blue space.

When you first login to Club Penguin, if you have any friends online or pending friend requests, you will get a notification.

The whole new buddy list thing is amazing in my opinion. You can add penguins by searching their name even if they aren’t on. When they login they’ll get the request. You can accept friend requests directly from your list, too. One thing I do wish we had was a “accept all” button. Trust me, it takes time to go through lots of friend requests!

To add a penguin, they don’t even need to be online. You just search their name. If you wanted to add “Stinky423” you’d type Stinky423 in the box and either hit enter or click find. As long as the penguin does exist, it’ll come up and you’ll click on them. A friend request will be sent. If they’re on in another server, the request will pop up instantly! If they’re offline, once they login they’ll get the notification.

If you try to add mascots such as Rookie, PH, Gary, Rockhopper, and others you’ll get a little blurb about them. To add a mascot you need to first find them in person on Club Penguin.

If you try to add Happy77 or Billybob you’ll get a similar message as you do with mascots, saying you must meet them on the island.

You can still access your ignore list from account settings.

You can also see where your friends are directly from your buddy list. There is no limit now as far as I’m aware!

Buddies will show up with a faint green ring around their penguin in the game. You can also tag buddies as a “best friend” in your list to make them easier to find.

These updates are fantastic! If you want to add me, feel free!

Oh, and one last ┬áthing…..if you want to add some undercover Club Penguin Moderators, here’s some lists I’ve made! A few of the penguins don’t show up when you search them, but most do. I added them all. ;P Hehe.

If you’re interested in seeing the bugs that came along with the update, click here.

11 thoughts on “Club Penguin’s New Buddy List Features!

  1. Hey train! I think these updates are AWESOME!!!!
    oh… and if your still tracking gary, could you PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ tell me through comments right away were he is as soon as you find him?


  2. Jet Pack Guy and Dot are going to be mascots:

    “Jet Pack Guy is on a top secret mission. To add him as a friend, you must meet him on the island” – What you get when you search for JPG.

    “Dot is trying out new disguises. To add her as a friend, you must meet her on the island” – When searching for Dot

  3. well could you please tell my were he is as soon as you find him?
    I’m kinda counting on you a lot to help me find him.Thank you and again if you find him just please tell me were he is through comments or on your tracker.

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