What Exactly Are “Paper Dolls”? [Theory]

Paperdolls. The term might sound a little familiar. Remember the Fall Fair Prize Booth Update Post? In it if you zoomed in you could view a few different tabs. One of them read “paperdolls_finals_dec.fla” and another one of them read “clothing.fla”. I know the term paper is used to refer to clothing items as.

A friend of mine, Pen50gi, was looking through Club Penguin’s files and saw some references to paperdolls. Here’s an example line of code:

if (this.__get__paperDollClip() == null || target.__get__paperDollClip() == null)

The code also talks about the different layers of clothes – backgrounds, pins, player color, etc.

With paper meaning clothing, doll might easily mean penguin avatar. However, if paperdolls meant clothing catalog, why would the other tab of clothing exist? Is paper dolls something new and different? That’s where more information comes in. In an article I posted about earlier today from ZDnet┬áit stated:

“In the latest social enhancements, Club Penguin will allow for fully customized penguin avatars, best friend tagging, tools for finding friends and a feature to eliminate penguins from your computer screen.”

Fully customizable is a new social enhancement? But that’s been around since the very beginning of Club Penguin! If it’s something new, what does it mean? What more can we customize? Hmmm… what about our facial expressions and other things on our penguin? After thinking about that…I got an idea. Facial expressions. Remember this from the Beta Team? It was removed today.

What if we were able to change all the facial expressions on our penguin? That’d be cool. What do you think? Is paperdolls old or something new? What are these new customizing options the article is talking about? What do you think? Let me know!

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  1. Adding on to this post, I think it may have something to do with our penguins being bigger like we see in our igloo just a thought to post that down so I have credit if its right.

  2. Hey Trainman,
    If you type Rsnail into the friend request bar, it shows up and you can send a request, unlike the other main mods.


  3. The title had ‘dec’ in it, meaning December, maybe they were making paper dolls for the December catalog, hence the clothing tab next to it.

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