Club Penguin’s Puffle Handler To Be A Mascot?

Along with Club Penguin’s new buddy updates, a few new Club Penguin Mascots were added to Club Penguin’s Files. Happy77, Billybob, and PH were added. While this is most likely because you need to meet Billybob and Happy77 on Club Penguin in order to add them, the same goes for mascots. If you type in PH it says “PH is training  wild puffles. To add her as a friend, you must meet her on the island”. You’ll get a similar message for the two Club Penguin Staff Members. Here’s what it looks like in Club Penguin’s files for PH:

There’s currently no background or penguin ids associated with PH, but there would be in the future. Not too long ago Saraapril posted pictures of the Club Penguin Presentation at the Melbourne Aquarium. She noted that it was said that PH will be meetable in the future. While I have no evidence of this, I think this is likely. I emailed Club Penguin about it and they said “While they don’t know for sure, if PH were to visit it’d most likely be during the Puffle Party.”

So what do you think? Will we be able to meet Club Penguin’s Puffle Handler in the future?

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  1. trainman I’ve spent the last month trying to find the mascot files i found the right site but it wont work right please tell me where you get yours

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