November 2011 Pay Day

It’s paycheck time! Because it’s the beginning of a new month penguins will be receiving their compensation for being a tour guide and Elite Penguin Force Agent.

As always, don’t fret if you haven’t received yours yet! It should arrive shortly.

28 thoughts on “November 2011 Pay Day

  1. pay day is my favorite day of the month on club penguin i better get to my friends bank (that means he opened a bank in his igloo) and cash my checks for coins lol

    • I don’t think I will be able to today…I have lots of schoolwork to catch up on! I don’t know about tomorrow either. :(

    • Neither. :P I technically go to regular school but I have teachers come to my home once a week for each class and we’ll go over stuff and they’ll assign me work that’s due the next time they come.

  2. Yeah… my parents are very strict with my screen time…
    I only get a half hour each time i’m aloud to play… a total of a hour of cp a week! i’m aloud to do other stuff like your website though all the time:D

  3. i get to play cp as much as want, sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night and i get on club penguin LOL, trainman1405 thx for adding me on cp i have always been a big fan. if u don’t remember adding me just look in your buddy list my name is Mattie599 and meet me on club penguin some time soon. – Mattie599

  4. i used mine to buy some more of the most recent ninja catolog items (the ones we got back in june or july that i still havent been able to collect all of) and a background lol CP ROCKS!!!!!! as always your blog is amazing

    “Ferb I Know What Were Gonna Do Today!”- A Quote By Phineas From The Disney Channel Series Phineas And Ferb

    P.S. like my new sign off im gonna start ending all my comments with a quote from my favorite cartoons both disney and nickelodeon

    P.S.S. your home schooled too!!!! so am i

  5. I go to a normal school. I also get as much computer time as i want now. Back before i joined cp when i was 8 i could only go on for about an hour and then have a little break for an hour or more.
    By the way that’s not how you spell threat.

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