Club Penguin Membership Page Updated November 2011

Club Penguin has updated their membership page for November 2011! Here’s what’s in store for next month:

  • Enter the mysterious Ninja Headquarters. Earn your reward.
  • Discover the ancient dragon at the Stage.
  • Uncover your inner sushi master with this month’s Penguins at Work.
  • Coming in December: Coins For Change donation stations for your igloo!

By the looks of it the furniture item for donation coins for Coins For Change in your igloo will be returning, we’ll be getting another new stage play, the Sushi Master will be in the November 2011 Penguin Style (along with all these items), and there will be more ninja stuff.

9 thoughts on “Club Penguin Membership Page Updated November 2011

  1. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. Wonder what the “ninja headquarters” are.
    Will it be snow ninja headquarters or will it be the TOP secret headquarters of all of Card jitsu were the Sensei came from? This will be intresting!

  2. Maybe but it says “mysteriuos” so i’m not sure.
    oh and i found this glitch that everyones a 12 month member!
    but sadly the glitch doesent work really its just on the player card.

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