Club Penguin Memories Weekly Post Roundup – Week 18 Of 2012

Here is this week’s post roundup and news:


  • By the looks of it you want me to do Penguin of the Week instead of Penguin of the Month. Should it be every week or every other week? I got some votes last week but I want more before making the final decision. (Bi-weekly)
  • Soon I’ll have a Card-Jitsu code giveaway AND a membership giveaway!
  • Soon I will make the new headers and add the mobile site. If you have certain outfits you want the penguin in the header images to have, let me know!
  • On This Day In Club Penguin Memories posts are something I’m going to attempt to do within the next week or two
  • Site bugs are all fixed except for one which I’m still looking into.
  • I’m probably going to postpone my ‘Trainman1405 In Real Life’ posts until June. I’m just too busy with school to do extra things right now.
  • I’ve got a small project I need to work on soon. It’s Club Penguin related. I don’t know when I will be able to get to it.
  • I’m always open to suggestion – how can I improve Club Penguin Memories? What should I add? Remove? Is there anything I should post that I don’t, or anything I shouldn’t post that I do? Let me know.

Club Penguin Updates & News:

Membership Page Updated
Log Off Screens
Postcards Updated
Club Penguin Times Issue 340
Field Ops 79
Ruby and the Ruby
Rookie EPF Message
Club Penguin Memberships Unlocking Exclusive Items
Unlock Celadon Alien Mask & Costume

Club Penguin Blog Posts & Videos:

Reviewed By You: Helping Animals
Puffle Trouble Video Coming Soon
Puffle Trouble Sneak Peek Video


Club Penguin Updating Reminder
Unreleased Item Pictures
Life Jacket & Other Unreleased and Returning Items
Medieval Party To Have 30 Quest Rooms; 5-6 To Be New
Businesmoose Has Three Unreleased Pins
YouTube Comment Sneak Peeks
Full Length Puffle Trouble Video

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