Membership Page Updated: Save Or Destroy The City In June!

After last updating it a month ago, Club Penguin has updated their membership page once again.

What’s New

More medieval adventures, magic and legendary heroics for members.

  • Prepare thyself for a new battle!
  • Become a knight, princess, or a wizard with new clothing items!
  • Decorate your igloo with furniture fit for a king or queen… or a dragon
  • Coming in June: Will you save or destroy the city? (could it be related to Squidzoid?)

You will also get to meet Gary at the medieval party.

7 thoughts on “Membership Page Updated: Save Or Destroy The City In June!

  1. Hey, trainman.
    i don’t now if u already knew this , but those 2 penguins in that “membership page” are wearing UPCOMING items/clothes and in the Cp times u can see Gary and he is holding a Helmet ( Noble Helmet = tje free item for non members this year :D ).
    So, there are lots of sneak peeks of the upcoming medieval party .

    what about june ? saving or destroying a city ? what would they mean with City ? i think that “City” is the clubpenguin island and that “save or destroy” could be a epf mission with Herbert and klutzy OR protobot ( Operation blackout )

    That’s my theorie, Have a nice day :)

  2. yah , a superhero party yeah its “New” and never seen before so if that is going to be the party theme then cp will update theire itemfiles soon and then we will have more information :)

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