New Club Penguin ‘Puffle Trouble’ Video Coming Tomorrow

Club Penguin plans to release an all new YouTube video tomorrow! While nothing is actually known about it, we were given this small sneak peek image of Herbert ahead of time. Check it out:

Hmmm…what do you think it’s about? (Besides Herbert and Puffles and trouble)

13 thoughts on “New Club Penguin ‘Puffle Trouble’ Video Coming Tomorrow

  1. I think this is the thing with Klutzy and the puffles from Dubstep Puffle. It may tell something about where Herbert is….

  2. Me, Polo Field, Busisnesmoose, Cool Times, and a couple other penguins helped Polo Field design his igloo! Then we went to Busisnesmoose’s igloo and talked. Polo Field told us about the video tomorrow. We talked about new ideas and stuff. It was sooo fun! Busisnesmoose had 3 unreleased pins:black helm, the crown of the dragon king, and scron crest!

  3. Hey,trainman.
    Today i was on clubpenguin and he claimed that the Free item for non members will be “the Nobal warrior costume”

    • Yeah, i also did some research and i think he was a poser ( someone who was talking like a real clubpenguin team member , but it wast just a normal penguin )

      and yeah that video of cp ? i hope they upload it today

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