Pictures Of More Unreleased Items

Several days ago Club Penguin released the game files of eight unreleased items, seven of which I previously posted about here. It was brought to my attention by Dorian1453 that they are out.

The Funktastic:

Golden Shades:

Layered Lava Outfit:

Sandy Shore Outfit:

Fireworks Bracelet:

Off the Cuff:

Plum Slippers:

The Reverie:

17 thoughts on “Pictures Of More Unreleased Items

  1. Sounds like the Music Jam is coming in July, it couldn’t be June due to the arrival of the Superhero Party in June. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?
    I can’t wait for the Medieval Party and the Music Jam as they are my favourite parties of all time!
    P.S Awesome find Trainman! :D

  2. I hope those items are for nonmembers so this year will be the best greatest year we ever had in our lifes

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