Businesmoose Has Three Unreleased Pins

Remember how in the beginning of April Happy77 had three unreleased pins in her stamp book? Now Businesmoose does too, but with different pins! I’ve already posted about the Black Helm Pin and the Crown of the Dragon King  and Scorn Crest Pins. However, with Businesmoose having them we know they are indeed testing everything. The pin release dates are a week off, since the Black Helm Pin is being released next week and the Crown of the Dragon King and Scorn Crest Pins will be released on the 18th (17th) along with the Medieval Party. Check it out.

Special thanks to Nelsonbob101 for letting me know about this!

15 thoughts on “Businesmoose Has Three Unreleased Pins

  1. hey train is the fire in the tree with the presents next to the fire sopposed to be animated?cuz its moving in my player card

  2. So, in your predictions or whatever you say the night before they update, you can talk about these pins and how we will defeat the dragon king and then we will recieve his crown, right? And so that proves that the fourth quest is for members only :) I hope second quest is for non-members this year!

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