Club Penguin Field Ops 79 Cheats

The 79th field ops mission has been released on Club Penguin, for the 26th of April. This is the seventeenth field ops mission for 2012. To start this week’s field ops mission go to the Elite Penguin Force Command Room. Then waddle over to the notice area like usual to get the mission’s orders.

Gary’s orders for this week are are as follows:

We’ve received an unusual report that several barrels of cream soda have gone missing from the Pizza Parlor. How odd. This isn’t our normal jurisdiction, but I want you to investigate. Search for any clues, and report back.

Go to the Pizza Parlour behind the counter.

Once you’re there your spy phone will start to ring. Click on it. Complete the Field Op mission by cracking the lock. This is done by listening to the tempo and repeating it.

When you finish it, you’ll get a message from Rookie…or a note at least.

It reads:

(You find a note from Rookie, though it looks strange…)

Dear Pizza Chefs: I am taking these barrels of cream soda. I’m very… thirsty. Yes that’s it. Also, stop putting fish on your pizzas. Seaweed is tastier. Signed- Rookie R. Penguin Esquire.

Rookie? Is it really Rookie? Is he kidnapped? Was it forged by Herbert?  Why does he have ‘Esquire’ on his name now too, just like Herbert?

Check back next time field ops 80!

6 thoughts on “Club Penguin Field Ops 79 Cheats

  1. Hey trainman did you notice he said “stop putting fish on your pizzas. Seaweed is tastier”? Herbert is the only one that doesnt like fsh pizza! :O

  2. When I finished this week’s Field-Ops I saw a different message then the message in the blog. I only remember they found a message from Herbert that says: “Klutzy, we are going to strike the Lighthouse on Thursday. Bring the drill”. Instead of Rookie’s picture, there was the same old picture bug which many pictures appear fast. I thought this is the regular’s week message, and then I checked Saraapril’s blog and saw she had a different one, from Rookie. I didn’t took a picture of it, but I hope someone else did. Not sure you are going to believe it without a proof, so I will try to find one.

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