Club Penguin Memberships Unlocking Certain Exclusive Items

Great news! You know how lately I’ve been posting pictures of some items that are exclusive but not in the treasure book? I finally found out how to unlock them! I don’t know if it’s for all these¬†items, but apparently certain Club Penguin memberships unlock certain items, such as the Speed Boat. Here’s a picture Dodgers4¬†snapped of the three month membership he purchased at Gamestop:

As you can see, in addition to gaining three months of membership with that card’s code, the Speed Boat item will also be added to your inventory. Neat!

Update: According to Nelsonbob101 you can get the Speed Boat, Hard Rock Guitar, or Bubblegum Cheerleader Outfit depending on which card you get. In addition, thanks to Safej16, I learnt that there are two codes – one for the membership and one for the item. There is a change the item code will also let you unlock an item from the treasure book.

35 thoughts on “Club Penguin Memberships Unlocking Certain Exclusive Items

  1. Hey Train,

    I, Dhi, and the rest of Club Penguin Factz have gotten our hands on some new reusable codes! They unlock an Alien mask and outfit.

    Mask: UFOMASKE
    Outfit: UFOANZUG

    If you post, don’t forget to credit Lebron2423 along with Club Penguin Factz.

    • This one was at Gamestop, so wherever memberships are sold they might be found…you could always email Club Penguin and they’ll point you in the right direction. :)

  2. When you unlock the membership, how do they put the Boat costume in your account? Does it give you a code or???

  3. It’s no fair :( T_T When I bought a membership card it wasn’t unlockable now it is!! T_T WHY DIDN’T THEY DO IT BEFORE! And why can’t we get an unlockable with credit as well?!

    • I Feel exactly the same. I think its stupid that they are giving away items with cards but not online. And i am in LOVE with that boat…

  4. I stopped by my local Gamestop, and they had the 3 month with Speedboat, Bubblegum Cheerleader Outfit, and the Hard Rocker Guitar.. I want the Green High Tops and The Tunage soo bad, but idk how to get them. I am emailing CP about them!

  5. Trainman i went to gamestop today and saw the membership cards that unlock the items. theres two codes actually, the left side says “pin number” witch is the membership code and on the other side says “item code” there coulde be a chance that the item code could unlock you 1 item in the treasure book. please give me credit if your gonna post this, thank you :)


  6. NOOOOO!!! how come they get to have free items with membership?!? i purchased 1 year of membership but i got no free item/s! it kinda sucks really…and you should have the physical membership card? now that annoys me…how about those who purchased using credit cards? >_<

  7. It’s very cool, but it is unfair for people who bought memberships online or before this offer was available.

    In my opinion, members should get prizes according to their membership badge color, with a grand prize when they get to the star.

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