Club Penguin Memories Weekly Post Roundup – Week 20 Of 2012

Yesterday (Saturday May 12th) while I was at the beach I hit 1,000,000 total views! (The hit counter in the sidebar counts the original Club Penguin Memories website and my Club Penguin Bugs website also) It took a total of 498 days to gain one million, or roughly 2,008 hits a day. (Many days were less than that, some were above that) Thank you for making Club Penguin Memories a huge success! I definitely did not imagine this to be happening.

Here is this week’s post roundup and news:


  • Yesterday (Saturday May 12th) I hit 1,000,000 total views!
  • Penguin of the week it is! Stay tuned, I’ll start doing it in June.
  • I’ll have a Card-Jitsu giveaway at the end of May and a membership (1 month) giveaway during the Medieval Party.
  • Soon I will add more new headers (I added a few recently) and add the mobile site. If you have certain outfits you want the penguin in the header images to have, let me know!
  • On This Day In Club Penguin Memories posts are something I’m going to attempt to do once school lets out.  (second week of June!)
  • Website bugs are all fixed except for one which I’m still looking into.
  • I’m probably going to postpone my ‘Trainman1405 In Real Life’ posts until June along with everything else. I’m just too busy with school to do extra things such as that right now. It will get done though!
  • I’ve got a small project I need to work on soon. It’s Club Penguin related. I don’t know when I will be able to get to it. Probably June.
  • I’m always open to suggestion – how can I improve Club Penguin Memories? What should I add? Remove? Is there anything I should post that I don’t, or anything I shouldn’t post that I do? Let me know.

Club Penguin Updates & News:

Medieval Party Log Off Screen
Club Penguin Times Issue #342
Medieval Party Construction
Field Ops 81
May 2012 Furniture Catalogue
May 2012 Igloo Catalogue
Jet Pack Guy EPF Message
Gluten Free Recipe

Club Penguin Blog Posts & Videos:

Medieval Party Map By Happy77
Clue 1
EB Games Promotion
Clue 2
Clue 3
Clue 4
Clue 5
Clue 6
Clue 7
Medieval Party Video


Club Penguin Updating Reminder
Medieval Party Town Picture
Upcoming Events Sneak Peek
Clues 1 – 7 Roundup
Lane Merrifield (Billybob) To Be At Children’s Media Conference
Screenhog Composed The Music For The Super Hero Party

19 thoughts on “Club Penguin Memories Weekly Post Roundup – Week 20 Of 2012

  1. Wow! A MILLION HITS! That is amazing, roughly 2008 a DAY! I probablly get 2008 a MONTH. You are truly an awesome blogger and one of the reasons is that you always post cool exclusives like the penguin style items BEFORE they are released.

  2. I think in the haeaders thre should be a light blue penguin wearing a i love blue puffle tshirt and wig and a red penguin wearing a i love red [puffle tshrt and wig and so on

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