Club Penguin Medieval Party Clue #2

The second medieval story clue has been posted by Happy77.


It reads:

This Royal Kingdom was once prosperous – but easily ruined. If heroes rise from here again, I will crush them with no mercy…

Club Penguin sure knows how to hype things up!

The following page has been updated:

8 thoughts on “Club Penguin Medieval Party Clue #2

  1. After some lame party’s, it looks like CP is starting to step up for the older kids. If this game was really for younger kids, then they wouldn’t have included this sentence: “If heroes rise from here again, I will crush them with no mercy…”

    “I will crush them with no mercy…” LOL! Nice going CP!

    • I think that they realised that if they want more users they have to stop being to much childish and get older people.
      What about the sword? I would never think that it would come back after so many years of being deleted because it was giving the wrong example!
      I have to say it, good job CP Team.

    • Yeah, I really do hope they come out with a sword! I believe the last time there was a sword on CP was during Penguin Chat 3. Are there any swords in CP’s files Train?

  2. The sounds awesome i bet club penguin will make us go into the sky on a cloud of some sort and take us up to the sky where the dragon is (ps Trainman1405 im a big fan and i would like to meet you on cp please go on for the medival party or even throw a medival party)

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