Club Penguin Medieval Party 2012 Information From Happy77

Here is a little bit of information from Happy77 about the Medieval Party and its rooms. If you look at the image below, it’s a map of Club Penguin (in medival style) with question marks in different spots, designating there is something special there.

Here’s what Happy77 said about it:

Greetings! Coming soon, the Medieval Party starts next week. Because of this the team has decorated the rooms full of zest and it looks like we have before us an epic adventure. Therefore, I would like to give you some insight, so you know what to expect. It’s like a scavenger hunt with pictures. This week I’m going to keep up with excerpts of medieval history to date. Check out the map and come by again to get more information. Waddle on!

Please note that is a rough translation.

The following page has been updated:

14 thoughts on “Club Penguin Medieval Party 2012 Information From Happy77

  1. Looks like the island will be split into kingdoms, looks cool!
    I hope the map actually looks like this during the party, it’s so creative and well-made! If we get the option to join kingdoms I’ll be a wizard person, probably because I play too much Elder Scrolls games haha!
    Cool post Trainman ;)

  2. Look’s Like The Regular Map, But It Looks Like It’s Transformed Into A Medival Map…..Likes Take The Medival Castle On The Mountain’s It Looks Like The Mountains On The Other Map, And The Tree With Stars On It Is In The Same Place Where The Lighthouse Was. That’s My Opinion Whats Your’s?

  3. I think the giant brown mountain could be an entirely new mountain, as it does not seem to resemble the Toughest or Tallest mountains.

    (Crazy Idea: Could it be the Snow Dojo?)

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