Jet Pack Guy EPF Message

There is an all new message from Jet Pack Guy!

He said:

Alert! Radar is picking up something BIG flying around the island! It’s too fast to follow – has anyone gotten a visual on this thing yet?

Yes! I saw it at the Town, Dock, and Ski Village at specific times!

8 thoughts on “Jet Pack Guy EPF Message

  1. I bet you that is the king dragon i cant wait to fight it and defeat it what items are we going to recieve during this party?

  2. You can see the dragon shadow at the Ski Village, Dock, and the Town. And from what I have heard, at the Town it is every hour, at the Ski Village it is every half hour, and at the Dock it is every 15 minutes.

    Every time you enter the Town, you hear the swooping of the dragon wings, but you can’t actually see it. I’m pretty sure it’s a bug, but I could be wrong.

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