Club Penguin Medieval Party Story Clue #7

Here is the seventh and final clue.

Here’s the translation:

Sky Kingdom is a loatsome land. At first chance, I’ll shroud this place in a cloud of darkness and guard it well. They will never bind me away again…

The following page has been updated:

3 thoughts on “Club Penguin Medieval Party Story Clue #7

  1. Hey, trainman, im nut sure but did clubpenguin changed the look of the Santa beard ? ( the Free item santa beard ) .
    Because today i weared that item ( im non member , i got the item from the holiday party in 2008 ) and it just looks different :’

    Can u please check this for me :) Please reply :)

  2. Just incase you’re confused, there’s 2 types of beards: The fuzzy beard and the Santa beard. Maybe you tried on the wrong one.

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