Good News (for me at least) – Club Penguin Now Has A Gluten Free Recipe

While I normally don’t post things on Club Penguin’s Community Section (and instead just update the designated pages) I thought this one was neat and noteworthy to point out, even though this probably doesn’t apply to 99% of the readers on this website. A little known fact about me is I cannot eat gluten (wheat, barley, rice) amongst other foods, as it messes up my insides and makes me feel miserable. While there are some (delicious) alternatives, it’s far more common to see foods with gluten in it rather than gluten free foods.

On Club Penguin’s website today, they posted a new recipe! It’s a vanilla cake, but gluten free. This means I can actually bake and eat it! I don’t have Celiac Disease, as I tested negative for it. I am gluten intolerant though, which is basically borderline Celiac. It’s nice that they included a gluten free recipe for those people like me who have to face a dietary restriction everyday. If I make it one day, I’ll be sure to post about it!

A fun fact: statistics show 1 in 133 people have Celiac Disease, meaning they cannot have gluten. Since Club Penguin has 150 million penguins total, (although some people have more than 1) assuming it’s 150 million total, that’d meanĀ 1,127,819 players have Celiac Disease. Obviously it’s probably way less than that, but I know I’m not alone. :3

Yeah, I know I’m rambling and geeking out right now and showing a bit of my personal life in this post but eh, I still think it’s cool.

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5 thoughts on “Good News (for me at least) – Club Penguin Now Has A Gluten Free Recipe

  1. Wow, I never would think that you’d have something like that. That’s great to hear they made something rather delish for those who can’t have gluten. ;)

  2. I’m very happy for you and other people with this disease! I am also happy that Club Penguin made a recipe like this one. It sounds delicious! I’ll probably bake it, too!

  3. I am sorry to here about you having to be on a glutten free diet. I have a close friend that unfortunately, endures the same thing. Thanks for posting this, its nice to know CP actually considers those needing glutten free foods.

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