Club Penguin Medieval Party 2012 Town Picture

Here’s an image of the Town during next week’s Medieval Party, which is the main party event for this month. It’s not the full Town, but you can get a general idea as to how it looks via the image below. As you might notice, it has been redesigned compared to past years. Click the image below to see it in full size. (it’s big!)

18 thoughts on “Club Penguin Medieval Party 2012 Town Picture

  1. By the look of the entrance to the gift shop (market) it will be the same. Because last years gift shop (market) had a, I forget how you spell it, it sounds like “well”. I like it how they still spell night club, (k)night club) the coffee shop is a secret tower for ru-punz-zal. like “Tangled.”

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  3. Wow a new room design :D love it xd i hope they will bring a old medieval free itemcback like that body item from a few years ago

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